The business. Indeed.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
So.. we have Ms. Vernacular. Slinder, sexy, tatted. Nice. So she asks If i consider her to be a possibility... Umm.. Yeah. So we're messaging each other. Convo as such. Granted, she's coming out of a relationship, so she warns me that she already has baggage:

Her: like baggage...i guess....Im kind of in the mix of a break up...not too sure whats goin on in my its not fair for u to have to deal with that..and im not a fan of jumpin into things right after another.
  • Granted, she also tells me "if you find someone, I'll be content".
Okay... Least she's honest. I like her. Really do.. Just umm.. Wondering...

Then... Twin. Told her straight up the situation. She says we're compatible, yadda yadda, yet she has man issues with the baby father, and it'll take a while. Needless to say... Fuck that have to do with me? Minimum. I care less about him, and even lesser about them. Sure they had a child together.. but its not my place to give a shit about that situation. I'm vying for her. All that baggage I can deal with, but I will have little say in the matter ANYWAY. So.. Pretty much, she's making reasons and excuses. Cool. Backburn. Maybe me avoiding it in a whole, she can get over the situation and try again.. Until then.. Whatever. Check..and mate.

Cedes admitted she wanted me.. meanwhile... faking. She'll be in New York for a year. What extent can I go with that. I'm here for the moment. I cant live for months away. She better step her shit up... Immediately. Competition is getting hected.

Got a text from Kushi few minutes ago:

"Of course you can freak me back babi"!!! Lmao"
[In retaliation to her sending the "freak with you" request thing on Facebook... whatever that is]

I told her I was trying to penetrate. She says she'll see when she gets back. Hopefully the spot is vacant.... Im still single, right? So I'm not wrong for my sexual prowless. I strap. Sue me.

Seems like I do have my poor luck with women, but hey... It's getting better. Laya [My sister] told me it would. I believe her. And "Lipz" [Toyota....] will be ready in a week... We'll see how that rocks...

I want to start balling again. Cant wait until it gets warm outside. I need to get a new pair of basketball shoes so I can get on the court. I would go indoors, but coming outside after full court basketball is dangerous with asthma. I opt out on that. Sorry. I'll wait for streetball.

Christmas is tomorrow. Cant wait. If I dont get that digital camera.. I'm going to be upset... Highly. Very Highly. Wonder what Netta is up to. Shes always my entertainment for boredom. Going to bug her while she's out of town. Vacation doesnt mean you cant bug your buddies, right? Hope not. I never followed laws and rules anyway.

Pops called me asking where his gift for his girlfriend was. I'm not home.. dont know dont care. Christmas is tomorrow, wont be my concern until then. Aint like he said he was leaving my gifts on my doorstep. So... guess she'll be waiting. Sorry toots. I'm with family. Give her a kiss, it'll last longer. Promise you.

Its pretty much time to eat.. I'm done for the moment. Thinking about Ms. Vernacular. Maybe she'll ditch that clown,and get back to the basics. She deserves better.

I'm sure there will be more... later.