Lets the spectators spectate...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
See, this is why I advice some people to stray from reading things I write. So... My ex has an "informant" lol. Conversation went as so.

Ex 05: Hello Mr. [Last Name] . I been hearing some raves about a particular blog of yours and I wanted to set some things straight... 1. They guy that took me to school Erik, came from facebook, not myspace. 2nd. I didn't stay over my current boyfriend's house, he went on vacation with me, not that it should matter because I was single... and then I hear u apologized to exs that mattered...wow, guess I didn't make the list granted I put up wit u the longest. All I'm saying is, if u r going to clear air and get things off of ur chest, let them be the right things. Thanks.
Yours Truly: Sweety. Story wasn't all about you
Ex 05: I was never told that it was.
Yours Truly: You made the list. But no reason to apologize to you.
Ex 05: And why was that?
Yours Truly: You've been apologized to before
Ex 05: Isn't that sweet of you
Yours Truly: If this is your form of sarcasm I like it.
Ex 05: Nope. No reason rto be sarcastic
Ex 05: Its christmas time....and I have every reason in the world to be happy :-)
Yours Truly: Needless to say...tell your informant there will be another blog. Run tell that
Yous Truly: And you'll be key
EX 05: Touche
Ex 05: I could care less about the blogs... didn't kno u were writing.... information breezed my way...I clarrified false information
Ex 05: I don't like being lied on
Yours Truly: Nice use of my word. Needless to say your happy. I smile because you are. Hope dude is good to you. I wasnt
Yours Truly: Especially by people who spent so much time in my life....even when they didn't wanna be
Yours Truly: I never left your life if your friends toss you red flags sweety. You should check your circle

More was said, but thats the gist of it. I'll say this once... and one time only. Whomever you are [has to be a mutual]. I have an idea who you are. I wont search for you. But lets do her and me a favor. Instead of trying to run between both sides and tell the story to the other party.. I'll do you the favor of just letting you know. We aint together. She got a man. We've spoken about it. When she need an ear, she got it. Vice versa. End of the day.. your in the mix. Causing controversy. And the shit is not a good look on your behalf. Thats that bitch shit. I can picture it now.

"[Faux name here], Greg wrote a blog, talking about you, and him, and him."

You feel better now? Like you've accomplished it. We've spoken. Is that truly what you wanted from jump? For her and I to speak? Ugh. Like I hope you get a lump of coal for Christmas. Fuck you and your yesterday. Yeah I said it.

Ex 05- Since you feel I DIDNT apologize to you.. I pretty much did. I apologize for fucking that other broad. I apologize for whatever the dumb shit was. Meanwhile... your friend that know me arent shit. Tell them I said that. I'm pretty much cool with all of them. Naked ass included. But this one person with all the rapping... No. Thats clearly why I cut off the ones that I did. Like that one in particular that was hitting me up, her telling me about how you went on that trip with dude. I honestly wasnt phased by it. The note you wrote "airing" me out, took it in stride. [Chest poking out, being bold] "what dont kill me...etc etc", right, Kanye?

You know where you stand with me, and vice versa. Any day I can come to you and ask for something and get it, and vice versa. When I was in a rut, you had it. Just happened I felt like I was dogging you, so I broke it off. Nver really SAID why I ended it with you, so I shall now. I wasnt shit. I was with you a real long time. Long enoguh that I started taking your traits instead of making my own. And I hated it. Wasnt my own person. Everywhere I was, you were therre. And it didnt help that everytime we argued, we'd rent a hotel, and fuck the entire night to makeup. [I actually enjoyed that... dont think I didnt]

But shit gets dry after awhile. I wasnt going to cheat on you again, but forever wasnt going to happen. I complain plenty NOW about not being in a relationship, it'll happen when it wants. But frankly.. you werent it. And I wasnt for you. Dude is. When I seen that you two were together, I wanted to HUG this man for doing what I couldnt. I can admit to not being the "man" in that aspect. I lose, I lose... 808's......

Moral of this... I'm better. Your happy. I'm better. I repeat that twice because I am. When we talk, I dont speak on all the BAD things because I have a reputation to uphold. Plus... who really tells their exes that they have bad days? Everyone I know usually acts as if their life has gotten 20, 30 times better. In some cases, it has. But thats just me being real with you. Xuan told me one thing before she passed. "Your one person that many wish they could be around".

Guess thats why your friends stick around, right?

Lets the spectators spectate. They want a performance, and I'm trying to win an Oscar.