2009 is the "Year of the Yes"..and my 08 Regrets.

Sunday, December 21, 2008
Okay. Figured I'd get it out of the way now, to avoid the flood of people "making drastic changes for 2009". I've had time to reflect on the shit that I've done, and the things that I consider to be regrets. Welp... Here goes.

-I regret being sexually active with a particular young lady. First off. Yes she was clean, but the emotion wasnt there. Felt like I forced myself to an orgasm more than actually enjoying it. Reason being she probably did the same. Touche'.
- I regret the single life a little bit. Sometimes it can be a hassle trying to test the market.. Real talk.
- I regret...meeting some faces I've met. Cool people, and even though they say "they are in your life for a reason"... does that mean they can pick and choose inopportune moments to intervene in it? I dont like that idea at all.
- I regret liking the Boston Celtics. I was on the bandwagonlast season. So what.. Nobody else was winning. And Green's my favorite color. Sue me.
- I regret not seeing Lauren London. Sad.. I seen hoopz & Black before you. Its cool though. One day. I've sad everything I've needed to say to you. You get the picture by now.
- I regret that one night at H&D where I drunk so much I ended up at Shady Grove... Knowing damn well I was supposed to be going in the opposite direction.
- I regret knowing about her personal issues, and dealing with them. But shes gone now. Great.
- I regret taking so long to write this blog.... Should do this weekly.
- I regret... the lack of individuality in the city. Seems like theres no standouts. Nobody that wants to drive in the third lane. Have cars with one passenger trying to cruise in the HOV lane.
-I regret not speaking to all my "facebook" friends more often. I shall do so.. eventually. But it's got to be reciprocal.
-I regret going on so many dates. Shit... Movies prices getting high. Bout to start taking women to libraries and reading the book versus the on screen version. Shits rediculous.

For now those are the only regrets that I can think off.. Not too many more. Karma had her way with me this year for the dumb shit I've done in the past. Crazy how she catches up with you slowly, right? Used to think I would get away with the shit I did with no consequences. 2008 definetely proved that shit to be feign.

Oh.. Also. I've come to the conclusion that even I have dealt with sublimation. Since being single for majority of this year, I've found myself being more open to meeting people, and the desire of being culturally and socially accepted by my peers. First year this has ever happened. In high school.. I frankly couldnt give a shit about them. I used to be the dude that could walk the hallways and speak to the handful of people I spoke to on the regular. I wasnt a football player, or a jock or whatnot. But for some reason, since the implication of facebook, I've spoken to more people I went to school with than ever. Some that I've given the "nigga.. we aint spoke since you asked could you use my change in the lunch line in 10th grade". But I guess its practically made me the individual you see on your minifeed with the notes and the statuses. You'll remember me one day. Promise you.

So.. with this new year coming up... I have officially ten days to clean my act... quote on quote "the fuck up". Bethiel and I discussed 2009, and how it will be the "Year of the Yes". Conversation went as so.

Me: 2009 definitely is the year of the yes. Sounds like a blog I should make. Care to elaborate on the reason you chose 2009 to be the year of the yes?
Her: Well, basically my friends say I'm too picky in choosing men. So, one of my friends gave me this book called "The Year of the Yes" in which this picky woman decides to lessen her criteria, and be more open in dating a variety of men...I'm contemplating applying a milder version of what she does.

So I took a spin off of it, and decided to make it my moniker for the year as well. Instead of making a whole bunch of resolutions that I probably wont even consider next year.. I vowed to go ahead and do this. I wont be saying "No" this coming year. Within reason of course. But I've been used to telling people no, and opting out of a lot of situations, that I'm going to just take the chance, and say yes. Instead of NOT going to Love with my compadres that night.. I'm getting dressed and stepping out. That girl wants to go here instead of there... yes. [Reminds me of that Jim Carrey "Yes Man" movie in a sense.] But yes...2009 is going to be a drastic change from what you see of me. Instead of being the asshole I normally am.. I'm going to attempt to be nicer. Granted, some things cannot be changed, and people will deal with that. They have no choice.

I think I've pretty much written enough already. For the moment. Enjoy your sunday. Watch the games, root for Arizona to beat NE please. We need to keep that #4 seed in the playoffs. Monday I'll talk about my weekend and the "situation with Hoopz & Black"

Domo, Morgan, Mica and all them know what I'm gon say before I say it..