Suddenly have a thing for females in spandex and heels

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
As random as it sounds... but its straight facts though. I just thought the asses were phat at first... Until I started seeing how it really accentuated a females curves. Like.. Damn. Shit. But see.. there are some exceptions to that rule... Some women are naturally built to look good in everything. Even if the shit don't match.. it can be passed off. But some woman cant.. at all. Noway around it. Big women in spandex is 'acceptable' in moderation. If you have a little something back there.. and you just so happen to be on the border of thick and have a hump back get a pass. But if you are top heavy with NO ass at all... Don't attempt. Because objects in mirrors definitely are closer than they appear.

But enough bout that.. I do commend some women for being gorgeous in everything they wear. Like my friend here. [moreso, facebook friend, we dont talk often..] But asked her could I post her photo to show that she pulled off the spandex tastefully. More than once at that.

Take notes ladies.


  • i feel u on the spandex n heels..

    they are a good combo..mainly cuz heels accentuate the calfs and the butt making u look more curvy than u are..

    but ladies please don't put on ur spandex leggings with some ballet fuego...