The Process of a "Weekend lover" part 1

Tuesday, December 23, 2008
2009 approaching. I'm single. Whoopie, right? Shit should intrigue the normal male, but thats not me. 2008 was a great year. I had sex, cool. But.. time to settle. Jamie put the shit in a song and made it sound fucking fantastic. I dont know WHY this man creates wonderful music.. ALL the time though.

But I've actually been a whole lot nicer the past week. My blogs havent aired people out, or called them on their shit.

I've said it once before, but I guess I'll reitterate it. Women have reversed the roles, and tend to dictate when the emotions will flow. Usually a guy is the last to show any of that. Nowadays, they are. Like Netta said.. I've had a sex drought. Head doesnt count. Last two times I remember having sex, a dog was clawing at my leg, and the other time, "A Christmas Story" was playing in the background. I digress. I'm diversifying my shit, and opting to make a closer knit of options. Sure... it sounds wrong saying things about the sex aspect. But ultimately, that factor is about 35% of the reason relationships start. If the sex drive dont match mine, we wont go far. lets just say, hopefully Happy New Year ends better than it did last year, you know?

So.. Ms.Understood comes back into the picture. First time you've probably heard of her. She knows who she is, so I guess that accounts for something. Reason she holds that claim, is because not even she knows what she wants out of the situation. I'm sure some dudehas hurt her in the past. So shes been real timid in her motivation for talking to me. I cant resist from NOT calling and texting her for hours and days at a time just to see how far it can go. If she wants it as bad as I do, then she'll come forward. So far she takes ignitiative when others dont. Even though she doesnt come around often. Its winter break, so I'm sure I'll see more of her before I hear the excuses of her hanging out with friends, or hitting the books. Cool.

Then Stunt Double. Dont know exactly what the situation is with her persay. She has a way of making herself real noticable around the masses. Prime example: Facebook statuses. She dont comment on many, but the ones that intrigue her the most she replies to. And she has a thing for real hip hop. Im waiting for the day we're sitting there talking with Reasonable Doubt playing in the background... But I digress.

Calendar Girl knows shes bad. The long hair gets me everytime. Body is decent as well. Shes not overcompensated with ass and titties, but what she has carries off well. Two thumbs for that, right? Riiight.

Anyway.. So I get a text from Kushi [she smokes... and has a phat ass. Where they coilate, I dont know...]

Hi :)

I reply asking what shes up to, she says at work getting pissed off because the customers are pissing her off. I tell her it'll be cool. She says Oww. The convo picks up.

I ask her if she's going to have her friends spot when she comes back in town. [of course she will]. So I told her to call me. She says she'll call after midnight. [I'll update this section later]

Needless to say.. if you know your nickname, and you read these blogs, I discourage you from catching feelings over whats said. Its my truths.

"My blog is cathartic. It is about keeping it real with myself and others. It's about saying what I need to, even it bruises others because, Shit... sometimes I get bruised and this is where I let that out."

Explains it to a T. and I've been practicing this "telling the truth" thing to balance my equilebrium. So far it seems to be working as its supposed to. You dont like it? Probably because either you can relate, or you wish you could put it the same way i could.

Trey Songz cd "I Gotta Make It" Pretty much describes my every mood. When a female gets on my nerves... "Cheat on You" instantly becomes the topic of choice. Even if I'm not dating her. Not in the sake of me "cheating". but I'm the type of man that goes head on with my issues versus running from them. Trey basically personified the song by TELLING her.. "Look... the boulders you put in front of me are forming a mountain I cant climb. So i'mma work my way around it". Sometime females put too much emphasis on a relationship, friendship, or situation to the point the mans only two choices are to break her heart, or surrender his. And I'm still trying to keep the little bit of mine that I have left. So it will be your heart. I'm sorry. If you take the word "relationship", there are more I's than U's. And If my vowel game is correct.. thats just the way it goes. Me before you. Hence why my options fluxuate so much. I deal with so many women, I'm sure plenty cant take me serious because of the persona they see on facebook and whatnot. I promise you.. Its not the same way. Its funny.. I was telling a female a couple days ago... older than me of course. That I was interested in her. She has a daughter [can manage that]... So i didnt put it to her like I was diving head first, but I showed interest. I wouldnt say she got "scared". but either one or more things..

- Shes concerned about "Internet Greg".
- She sees the female comments on the blogs, and feels like she cant take me seriously
- She's possibly like "oh.. I hear this all the time.. yada yada... dudes always tell me this"

So if you hearing the same stuff from more than one person... the shit has to be the truth. I have no patience for pick up lines. I tell it the first time. If I'm horny and want to fuck.. I'm going to make a status about it. That and or hit on you. Its how it works.

Swear this Trey Songz cd talking to me right now. Vibe with me if you got youtube or an Ipod. Just listen to it. Now Playing: Role Play.

Got me over here feeling all cassanova like. Ugh. Wake up Greg! Your slipping! We need the old mean you back!

Back to the topic though.. In my quest to write all my wrongs, I've done some things that will HOPEFULLY change things with particular individuals, and clear my conscious. You know how people try to do that "good deed for the day"? I've been doing them ALL day long. It HAS to pay off. Maybe making others happy will take me out the slump. Granted, you read in the blogs, you laugh, you have fun, comment wit the "keep it up Greg". If you only knew.

- I kind of get sick of seeing people in relationships, and complaining about them every other day. Being single is great.. but in some cases.. hearing that one voice before you go to sleep.. pretty damn decent.
- I dont speak on A LOT of shit that I see. As much as I talk about sex and fucking... my test are negative. Ask about me. I had to have one girl on three way with my provider so she could hear it first hand. And I still didnt fuck her. Makes me wonder... do you get tested?
-I dispise people who make words longer or shorter than they should be. Theres no need to add multiples of the same letter to complete the word. Youu=you? Come on.

Sigh... Its midnight. I've ranted and rampaged for a few. Dont really care who sees this. Probably wont even tag anyone. I wont.