"Aint none of your friends business, bout this Facebook Matrimony

Friday, March 27, 2009

K'Ci from Jodeci voice: "Ooooh Yeah!"

I'm trying to master hypocracy, so vibe with me. It's Friday.

Be clear, Facebook a good site & all [Drake voice "best believe I understand it's okay, its okay"], but some people dont understand what the site is for, it's purpose, and all that. I should Break this down how I'll explain it.

  • Work/Family/

  • Relationships

Okay. Thats how I'm going to do it so y'all can understand where I'm going with mine. I wont be too long. First off. If you have a Facebook, so do either your parents, or your employers. You don't HAVE to befriend them. If they feel the need to see what your life's like, they have Outlook, shoot an email and ask bout my day. I know they have a life outside of the 5pm workworld.. But that aint none of my concern. Far as I'm concerned, you can be limited profile or in the pending request. Far as family, they are cool to add, just let your mother and father know the REAL you. I have a female friend on here who's parents are on here, which is cool, meanwhile she's a perfect angel now that they are. Swindles.

Far as relationships, people need to understand these social networks are made to work for you. So if you and your significant other are in a situation where y'all are COMMITTED, and KNOW it, should'nt be any guilt trips or feeling bad when somebody writes on your wall or something.

  • When you see somebody in a relationship status, don't use it as ammo for trying to flirt with them to see if they will bite. Get real.

Reason I say this: A lot of people see that you are "in a relationship with" a person, and will find ever rhyme and reason to be in your business.

"Waiting for you to break, make your first mistake"- Jay-z

If your relationship is that strong, you can just laugh this off. However, the other 97.6% of y'all...this simple factor is KEY to failed relationships. Because not only do you get caught with your feet up, you feed into it. Of course that mans plotting, he dont give a fuck bout your man. Man Law: Let her Choose. Either you win or you lose.

Women run by a different code: When he's single, he aint hot. But if another female wants him, there must be a reason, let me figure out why.

Ain't much brainwork about it. I've seen a lot of women serve up ass to a committed man just off the strength of seeing another bitch happy with him.

Best ending result....Limit the shit you say on here. Tired of seeing y'all in love Tuesday, but you depressed Friday morning. Had a female say "Oh I saw you were in a relationship with Tamira on here, and she was commenting on your statuses, I didn't want to impose"

Knowing good and damn well we aint spoke since the Inaugeration. Now that you see you aren't a priority, apparently you want that old thing back.

In the words of my boy T-Pain "Awww, I'm good".


  • Sunshyne

    Right on! I don't know why people let other folks ruin their relationships on these social networking sites. If you are really committed you shouldn't even be spending too much time on them anyway cuz u are busy with each other! People that go on someone's pages to start trouble need to grow up! Some people are just doing it to be funny and u know who they are, but some folks just need to get a life. And you two need to be secure enough to brush it off if it does happen. And if someone continuously posts suggestive/direspectful messages to you, delete them!

  • Philly's Andrea

    LMFAO--U are hilarious. first time around but i will be back