And they say I don't believe you

Monday, March 2, 2009
Now granted...some shit I do is strictly for laughs. But sometimes...I go ahead and try to give you food for thought. This is one of them moments.

One thing I just never understood, people who just can't do like Keyshia and let the shit go. Exes. I had a female friend of mine get played for two years just because a dude decided to keep tabs on his ex. That bitch is the past. Aint nothing she can do in her current position to make herself better. Its his or hers job to hate on everybody you talk to. No matter how much better your doing...every time you talk to an ex...that past is all you can remember.

Difference between my exes...and dudes was still claiming the broad. No no. If you can't shake the leash, cut the cord. Stop eating your plate and indulging in others.

- when you keep an ex around...they are entitled to hate on every broad you talk to.
- they find ways to show they still care...and it traps you.
- your heart starts bleeding.

It just so happens dude is telling my friend shit about the ex...typical shit...all bad. Trust me. If she was that bad while he's explaining her...there's an issue. He's not over her. Stop dwelling. I digress. Basically he hits her up telling the new girlfriend (my friend) that she's the only one for him...blah blah. And the old joint aint shit..blah blah blah.

If you have ti convince yourself that bitch aint shit...she is.

Aint much more bout that aspect. Moving right along.

- I've always wanted to say this so I will. Sex without labels is boring. Fuck buddies was cool at 19, 20. I'm 22, and have fucked enough to come to rhe conclusion if there is no title...I can do it with my eyes closed. You know that's mad when you have to close your eyes during the sex. The last time I had to do so was in November. Its not like the sex was was just all that eye contact is a part of intimacy.

- moufkissing. I'm a damn good kisser. But kissing is like a portal to the soul. And I don't kiss randoms. I take you seriously..then yeah. But lately...shit aint been sweet. Real tart.
- sliding shade. You can't be too considerate and nice to everybody. I've attempted to be nice and show emotions. But with one person the shit wasn't residual. Granted I'm an asshole...naturally. And I've come to terms there are roles in relationships. However I was dealing with a female that misconstrued and wanted to counter everything I did. This is not Mortal Kombat. There will be NONE of that, back and forth sassing. I can invest my interest elsewhere. Its not that hard.

Coming to the conclusion...I'm Diversifying my single quota. Numbers getting igged. New females will be around. Older females will disappear. Since losing my virginity again, I'm liable to change my ways. And I shall.

And the phone rings...

"is this note talking about me?"....

Gucci: "Bitch I might be. Yeah I might be."

♠Don't let the design of the face speak for the art of the mind♠