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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
  • Facebook Jaints:
    Yes you get attention from niggas on Facebook. They want your pussy. Shit, I do. You aint heard from me in months and I just reappear out of nowhere? Aint for your conversattion.
  • Scarey Blog Readers
    "I dont want to be in one of your little blogs" Fine, I'll just go ahead and talk shit about you secretly, if that makes you sleep better at night.
  • Rose Showers at the club: You feel better bout yourself knowing you still have two hours left in the club tonight, but you walking round smelling like warm piss and Axe body spray? Ol' stanky leg motherfucker.
  • Moufkissing One Nighters: Listen here. We aint supposed to be lockin lips. You aint my girl, I aint your man. Focus on everything BELOW the shoulders thank you very much.
  • Overly aggressive text messages: Recieved 11:32Pm on Friday "How is LOVE? You out there with them females I always see you with? Your ass always partying" Listen here Soldier Slim... Stop following my life.
  • Ledos Pizza Prices continuously raising: A small pizza was $5.40 last year, shit is $8.00 now. Shit, I aint recession proof.
  • Obama electing the Pittsburgh Steelers Owner as the Ambassador for Ireland. I love Obama like the next person, but he's already starting to do some real off the wall shit. Though I'll regret saying this later.. You never seen Bush electing the Patriots owner as Secretary of State, did you? Obama, get your shit right, dont let me down.
  • Curren$y's Rap Career: Yes, you left Wayne, but you been ont he decline ever since.
  • Females on Twitter/Facebook with the Provacative profile photos wholetime when you see their ENTIRE body, its like "Oh, thats what that thang smell like?"
  • Freak on Friday, Saint on Sunday: Ha! Bitch you was touching your ankles at LOVE on Friday, stumblign over your own feet, kissing random niggas, getting booked, but you manage to go to church and get all spiritual, going to Ihop in your sundays best, asking for forgiveness. Yeah, okay.
  • Why suck it if you dont swallow? Fuck all that "I dont swallow for a man I'm not with. You got a random dick in your mouth. You caught 93% of the precum. You fear the actual nut? Scarey.
  • Blackberry Memory: Text messages randomly deleting and shit.
  • Fat Women who browse the petite section at Hechts: Bew Bew.. be clear. Aint nothing in here fitting you. Not lace, not socks, not hats, not nothing. Your section is THADDAWAY. Either you was big and got small..or you was small and got big. Either way...either way.
  • People who live in the past: You've had that same photo as your default since 2007. You've gained 36 pounds, had a baby and your titties aint sitting right like that no more.
  • "Rossy Mommies": Bitches like Rick Ross baby mama, who go around telling other men confidential information about an ex. You had his kid, you stupid. Now you got a porno tape of you fucking.
  • Adams Morgan Sidewalks: Swear up and down they need to figure out a way to make them larger. Seems like people do NOT get the concept of get out the way. Dudes that couldn't get into Heaven & Hell or Tom Tom's stand out in front of there all night. NO "this aint me", I'm just parlayin with her for the night. STOP grabbing for bitches. Hawks.
  • Makeup Kits: I actually think some of you women should upgrade. Stop going to Claires to get your makeup. You look 16. Your eyeliner is shit, and your blush is blah. Grown ass woman goign to a nightclub but prepared for Ringling Brothers, Barney and Baileys. Its a CIRCUS!


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