I dont discriminate...no not at all.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Facebook deleted me. Not once, but three times. So I'm taking it slow, this round. Lets see how long I'll last.

Other news..

Reality just set in, I'm bipolar. I figured this out after a conversation with Morgo last night after I got back in from my date [outting, I apologize], with "her". She does'nt have a particular name right now, so she'll just be labeled she. "She" can change next week, because they seem to change quite often anyway. Not my fault. Digress. Morgo tells me about dude she's been talking to, and how he's pretty much acting like a skirt because he seems to be competign with his ex by dangling her [Morgo] around in her face like a trophy. At first thought, I'm like "Ok, dont females LIKE making the ex jealous?". But this isn't the first time this month I've heard this being the case. Its just the jones'.

Spring is finally here, which pretty much means

  • A lot of people are going to try to portray shit that they arent. This is prime season for taken men to re-do their rosters to find better bitches for the summer. He put up with you all winter, hibernatign, but the club notifications on Facebook are going to start up in April, so you know he's bound to get out.

  • Females will claim to want to be single and "enjoying" the single life. This is a double negative. Nobody is "comfortable" with being single. Especially seeing their taken friends have options. Its a psychological game with women. They like to be single Friday and Saturday nights, until they realize they are going home alone from the club, while all their girlfriends are making calls.

  • *Points Up* Yeah yeah.. you'll think "Okay, well she can make a booty call. But what self respecting woman YOU know is content with just being the pussy for the evening? Feel free to give her my number, I'll give her my friends numbers, and she'll be a statistic. Sorry, but yeah..

  • The Preview of the Summer. A LOT of people were NOT prepared for last weeks weather change. That 60 degree burst of heat got to them, they're walking around with flip flops and North Faces. Turn around 7 days laters, every single one of them is sniffling with colds. Not to mention women's name games were horrible, and the decline in outfits at the club have been minimal. Seems like females are like "You cant go wrong with leopard, black, or red dresses." Be different.

Around this time last year, I hated the club, you could'nt get me to go. And I found out the reason why. I had reliable pussy. Its simple people math. You go out, get dressed, hit the club, gawk and stare at women all night, and your chances of pulling a source are slim and none. ME on the other hand, every Friday and Saturday, I was promised sex. Good sex if I must say so. Why did I ruin that by breaking it off? Because all good things come to an end. And I took pussy for granted. Sucks now getting in the house at 4am, looking at paper statements of a $40.00 tab for 4 drinks, tipping a bartender, and leaving out with just a buzz.

Want to hear about something that scares me? Titty fucking. Like I cant put myself in the position to sit on a females stomach and place my dick between her breasts. That has to be the dryest place on the planet other than Beyonce's reproductive organs [as Keri Hilson tells us]. Like who comes up with the concept of titty fucking? Faggy shit.

Speaking of Fags [gays, queers, homosexuals, I dont know whats acceptible to call them, sorry.]..But me and "her" were in the movies watching Watchmen last night, and a group of them are in an empty theatre, running around, acting like 8 year old barbie doll toting boys. So shes int he cut fighting back words, looking at me like I should say something to them. Now, contrary to popular belief, just cause they are gay dont make them any lesser of a man. And I refuse to lose a fight to four fags. I'm sorry, shit just wont never happen. So I let the shit slide for a good 15 more minutes, and I get tired of her doing her sidebar shit too..

  1. Moaning and sighing

  2. hand to her face covering her mouth

  3. Mumbling curse words

So I just said fuck it. I walked up to them and was like "Not trying to bother y'all, but me and her trying to watch the movie.". One of the bent wrists was like "oh, I'm sorry sir, my bad".

  • I hate when people call me sir.

They are quiet. I get back to my seat, and her face changes as if I discovered how to make her orgasm with two strokes. She sits upright, FINALLY. She's smiling, and says "Good job". At this point I dont even care, I'm watching the movie. Plus for the past 45 minutes she's been real tense like, so I didn't bother getting too close to her. I'm what you could consider "rebounding". Her and the dumb nigga stopped talking because he opted to keep pursuit of the ex girl [kind of like Morgo's dude], and she stops talking to him. As a result her and me start talking, and getting to know each other. She's not my girl, I have my options, I'm sure she has hers. I call sparingly, text on occasion. Same with her. Its quite entertaining. Lets see how it goes..

On another note, I have a sex drive that is wild. I wont go into details, but I sat through two full length orgy pornos last night after returning from the movie, and umm.. Yeah.. I did'nt go to sleep until 3:30. I'll let you fill in the blank.

Women: When a man tells you he masterbates, its not because we are trying to get a nut off. Well...in my defense, I get mine in daily, regardless if I'm hitting skins or not. It prolongs my real-life bedroom action. It's like a Wizards game, they have a shootout, and practice before the initial game. Same way with me. I dont want to get on the court and be winded and flacid by the halftime show. You dig?

Marinate off that though.