When do desires become necessities

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friend of mine stepped to me with a simple questiont hat I couldn't answer. First time this has ever happened.

  • When do desires become necessities

I've been told I overanalyze things. I feel like not everything is mapped out for you, and if you refuse to ask questions, you get limited answers, hence you still come full circle in not knowing. So with that said, what IS a desire? I know the reference definition for it, but I sat here at my desk for a good hour trying to figure out exactly what a desire could be. Its different from a "craving", or a "want". I feel like a desire is something that you put minimal effort into because you lack the ability to know about it all. Take women for instance, I have a desire for them, yes. Be it

  • Sex

  • Companionship

  • Friendship

  • Conversational abilities

  • whatever

However, desires dont necessarily mean you "get" what you desire. This is when necessities come into play. A necessity to me is not a requirement, but moreso things that should come in the package. If you buy a book, the shit should come with an ending. If not, a hint towards the sequel. Its.. "Necessary". So it jive like stuns me when I see people who have desires, but no necessities. I'm glad "Mora" asked me this. Granted, the dude who asked her told her she overanalyzed when she said this too him because he just wanted to fuck.. But I flipped it and made it my own note.

Girl said to me with a straight face that I wasn't patient. Conversation went like so, we'll call her dimples. See me and dimples fucked before. Actually liked her, still do might I add, however, she got distant, and felt as if I was doing the same. So she hits me with her logic, which to me, at 22, makes NO sense.

Dimples: but there have been plenty of girls that want to get serious with you but you werent feeling them like that or willing to take it serious because i wasnt there for you. i think the majority of people in their early 20s dont want to be serious with anyone anyways so its going to be hard to meet someone. things dont just happen overnight not even in months time i dont know i wasnt feeling that you was talking to several girls so you could do like an elimination process..i guess? to find someone that was serious

Me: Wasn't that. They had a complex like you. They think every woman I know is competition. I guess everybody feels like they can wait until 25 to commit.

Dimples: not every woman..but why wouldnt they be competition the woman that you are dealing with the same way as myself and its not about waiting until 25....its about finding someone that one person you cant get off your mind and makes you wanna be with them all the time and makes you smile for no reason just because you know there is somebody wanting you just as much as you want them.....and that could be when your 30 or 21 or 36. whats the rush?

Skip the epilogue, let me elaborate. Neither me, nor anybody who reads these blogs is getting ANY younger. By far. So I find it pretty fucking retarded that a female says "what the rush". Now "Hoops" [knows who she it] put it to me in a previous note that "womens value decreases as they get older" now, I'm not saying this is necessarily true, but its funny that women who are 21 are reluctant to settle down. Men too. Guess thats why the AIDS rate in DC is higher than in Africa. Seems like everybody wants to mingle, get as much fucking as they can out the way, then get married.

Fact: We men dont want your pussy if your pussy lips droop when your naked. At 29, I'm not trying to here "oh, that was my past". Bitch...you have a disease you cant get rid of, thats your future, and you fucked it up trying to be permiscuous...

Sorry.. had to reel myself in, pot calling the kettle black moment....

But wholetime, its different with me. Like last week I had sex. Great sex. Sex that when you shut your eyes to go to sleep, your still thinking about it sex. Problem.. female cant commit. She even went out of her way to have an orgasm, and said "we cant rush things". Umm.. I think we've pretty much past that point. Half stepping?

So, back to these necessities, it IS necessary to ATTEMPT to find a parrner. All you people acting like the single life is fun.. It is. I guess. But honestly, I'm tired of giving good dick to every female I decide to fuck. I go into every sex session with a strategy...

  • Last Longer than 20

  • Nut and get it back up

  • Count how many times she cums

  • At what point do I ask "where do I deploy?"

Yeah, fucked up, but thats the way things go with me, yes. Just sad to see some people desire good dick, but feel its not NECESSARY to as Beyonce says 'put a ring on it', or commit, whatever. I cant do it. Some of you women are blessed to have been fucked a great number of times, and you've honestly taken the fact that you have a pussy for granted. I'll say this. Don't do that. You can act all high and mighty because you know you can fuck any man you want to. But at the end of the day knowing he fucked you, busted a nut, and could care less....fucks with your emotions. Dont take your pussy for granted ladies... Dont take that pussy of yours for granted.

Its necessary.