Daylights Saving time already; The Domino Effect

Thursday, March 5, 2009
You know what can ruin a potentially good day? Recieving a text message from old fuck partners. Sure, you'd be like "Oh, they are trying to fuck again, go ham on em." But nah. I'm talking about pussy that you only got a couple times, mostly with an excuse attached to it.

  • Her and her man she never left when she fucked you that night finally broke up. He still dotn know y'all fucked though...
  • She has no weekend plans and trying to set up a strategy for the weekend.
  • She found out bad news, and since your the life of the party, she figured hit you up.
  • She possibly just went down her call log and hit up every nigga she can vividly remember in the past 6 months that stood out.

So around 8:23, before my alarm clock on the phone goes off, I get a text message "Good Morning babe, get up. I want to get up with you again, its been a while".

Now if I were desperate for pussy I'd go get a nut, but I know the pussy comes with hassles. Mainly whenever she comes around, its usually because she's peeped my activity on the internet, be it Facebook or Myspace, sees other females, and decides to put her bid in. No problem. But you have a man. Fuck you trapping for?

I reply to the text "I'm still sleep, I'll hit you up when I get up or something". She calls.

[Paranoid]: Why you calling me? You pregnant or something?

Her: No, what you mean? It wouldn't be yours.

Me: Oh I know. I'm just trying to find out why you calling me knowing I dont answer the phone before Mcdonalds lunch menu starts. [Hang up phone, doze off again]

She texts me "Your rude, I see why nobody puts up with you forreal forreal"

This could be true. However, play your position. Does your man know you calling your one nighters still? I aint concerned bout you why you out here broadcasting on my station? Go Thaddaway. I say this mainly because I know plenty of females, and they all have told me this at least once since I've known them "I hate bitches".

Starting to believe in the same thing. But this bitch got out of pocket, mainly for ruining a good dream. And theres nothing worse than being awaken from a good dream, then trying to go back to sleep, and a whole new dream starts. Imagine how many times my alarm clock has ruined penetration of Lauren London for me.

Other note, I got up, got fully dressed, shit showered and shaved, in less than 15 minutes, and was at work on time. Strange? Very. Its because of Daylights Saving Time. Going to feel good to know that the sun will JUST be going down at 8pm again. I missed it.

Want to know something interesting though? Jamie Foxx's "Just Like Me" is the EXACT same song as Ushers "Just Like Me". Lyrics, beats and everything. Only reason it wasn't broadcast heavy was mainly because Usher's cd flopped hard.

Ushers Version:

Jamie Foxx's: Just Like Me :

Just something I'd figure you should know and tell your friends about today. Other than that, I'm bout to go and make some weekend plans. Club soon. Oww.