When you know better, You do better". Tabernacle.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Figured I'd make a quick note about this. I wrote a Facebook status this moment, just to see who would retaliate and flip it. Some things are the way they are, and won't change.

"the downfall in all women lies in her inability to distinguish what's good for her, and what looks good to her"

And how some females replied to it.

Soon as I posted this question to women, the defense mechanisms came up. Instead of giving a straight answer....They tried to flip it, [as usual]

Female 1: "so whats a mans downfall? got enough room on here? lls"
Female 2: So, what do u consider the downfall in ALL men?
Female 3: Yeah thats a broad statement...there is some truth to it, if youd change the word all to some...
Me: That will be tomorrows status. Focus on you all for the day. No need to try to flip it on us. Acknowledge y'all fuck ups today, tomorrow we will get on us. Agreed? Fantastic. All women know if they are or aren't. The word "some" isn't a safety net to make the majority or minority feel any better. Y'all are born the same way, and squat to piss the same. All or nothing in 2009. "All Niggas aint shit, all women tend to share the same characteristics".

What's understood ain't got to be said. It's simple. Tis' all.

Female 2: Not agreed, but ur status...ur world! lls

Me: Thats the art of debate. Not supposed to agree. But this is a male telling a female what it is and what it aint. On the outside looking in. Think of how when a woman puts a man in the same boat "All niggas aint shit". We have to defend ourselfs individually to stand out accordingly. Why should you being a woman be any different?

When you figure out an answer, fly me in.

Lets stand on the same side for a minute before I cross the street...

  • No, all women do not think this way, therefore should'nt be categorized. Yes. We got that.

  • Men should not have to defend themselves when put into a category. Check.

  • People will gang up with their fair sex in an effort to not be wrong.

When I used the word "All". It is not in generalization. Nor is it to put everyone on the same slave ship. One thing that I do know is that people pick and choose.

A wolf in a pack is just that. A sheep in a heard is just that. Some may stray, some follow the crowd. What you and others didn't get out the status before feeling as if you were categorized, is the simple word "All". If I said "All the women in here are sexy", everybody would be cool with that. But as soon as I say "all women get on my nerves", its a completely different story. Be clear, men do it too. U-n-i-t-y stands for unity.

With that being said, ladies, women, girls, infants, daughters, aunts, neices, godmothers, mommies, grandmothers, baby mothers, whores, strippers, sluts, and women with the slit in the middle.... know this.

  • All men may not be shit. I know I ain't shit. I've come to terms with it. I'm the type of man you love in the beginning, then you realize the way you met me is the way I'll stay, and some feel as if they can change that. You wont.

  • All women & men generalize. I light my women light skinned with nice feet, phat ass and employed. My friend V likes her men with light eyes, fresh to death, and has money.

  • The people who felt I wasn't going to get on men, wrong. They will have their day tomorrow.

In closing, a FEMALE said this.

knowing the difference it what distinguishes girls from women and boys from men. there is nothing to discuss, when you know better, you do better. it comes a point in everyone's life when they should outgrow something that were doing/thinkin/saying/believing in 5, 10 years ago. . .

Marinate on that though.


  • ladebelle

    *claps hands* excellent post...

    i agree that it seems like the original point was missed due to people being caught up on the vernacular.

    nonetheless, you summed it up quite well in your conclusion.

    both men and women have flaws and their beauties. if men would stop focusin on women's shit and women would stop focusin on men's shit and we all focused on our own, then maybe we could get our shit together!


  • Untouched Jewel

    Good post. Very thought provoking.

    And for the record: there ARE some ain't shit women out there. LOL.

  • Sunshyne

    co-sign ladebelle and the chick in the end

    if something don't apply to u, u shouldn't be mad

    I hate how people always want to turn the issue back onto the other side, of course u will address the women first cuz that's what u deal with, we all know both sides have their own set of issues, face it!