Not Knowing Your Gender Role

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alright, fuck it. After reading a discussion on a forum, I figured I'd go ahead and speak on it. I agree with one perspective [males] whole heartidely. I'm not entitled to listen to the womans perspective, but I did. I caught some truth, but a hell of a lot of coverups. Ladies, I'll state this. Funny shit, but it all stems from this.

Nothing sexier than a self sufficient woman.....except a NAKED self sufficient woman

Granted, its all the truth. Females, ladies, bitches, whores, hoes, girls, whatever you label yourselves, sometimes, a man wants that difference. Pull my chair out, hold a door, fit the bill. Not saying do MY duties, but make ignitiative for yourself. Show you are putting forth more effort than showing up. Don't ask for something you aren't willing to offer in return

  • Do for me, I do for you

  • Treat Others the way you want to be treated

  • Go indie [as he'd say]... and I'll get get you and we can get each other in the bedroom.

Like ANY other man, I EMBRACE my role as a man and actually ENJOY doing for my woman.

When YA'LL try to assume more responsibility I give you free reign to do so....but don't think that you can switch horses mid stream. If you gon do it....DO IT. Raise your hand if you are guilty.

Figure like this....if your worth ain't on your forehead then how am I to know what you are about? Like at the same time you're learning me I'll be learning YOU so we go dutch until after we know each other. [Source]

Go ahead and scream about what you have. I got my own too. Don't feed into that Ne-yo bullshit. Like...I can pay for my own shit. They pay me very well here I'm stating why can't YOU. And things still remain.....EQUAL.

...whats funny is seeing women scream independence on the shyt that benefits them directly, but when it comes to the things the represents the independence that don't (or even god forbid actually benefits a dude), they use chivalry as the excuse to get out of it......can't have it both ways...

This is where a female will go out of her way and say:

i don't sell my ass but you better know you ain't getting it free.

So now it becomes a money factor. Its not necessarily prostitution, but you've just put a price tag on your pussy. Put up or shut up sweetheart. SCREAMING it. I'm screaming SHOW it....

Yes, you can go and fuck another female. Yes, you can go and get yourself a toy. Great, fine and grand, however

Now if you can sling dick to yourself AND cum on your own forehead be my guest......

I just dont see you living long off the plastic. To each his own.

But in retaliation for the woman reading this feeling defensive like "Why can't I do for myself without having to do for you." Newsflash: We feel this way everytime we have to go out with y'all. Sad enough. Money adds up. Its not the issue, its the principle. Dating cost money, and some women don't know their place in the matter. Sheit, YOU could be the female I'm talking bout. It could be your mother, your sister, whatever.

I've gone on too many dates in my lifetime..

Wholetime I'm a I can spot a hoe a mile away.

  • Im considering selling dick.
Sure I'll give it out for free on occasion but a chick that paying gets priority and preferential treatment. That's the same shit ya'll(well not you in particular but ya'll = broads) on....why not cop to it

Fact is I can pay for myself WHENEVER we go out.....but you can't?

  • Your good for nothing

  • You should be ashamed of yourself coming out of the house without money of your own.

  • You get in clubs free, drinks free, you cant get a matinee? Ugh.

Moral of the story is, you CANT pick your spots. Like if you gon be ALL the way dependent. Just take some cooking lessons. And I'll make sure the bills are paid on time.If you going it to DEATH. Don't ask me for shit you can do yourself. Stick to your guns, Beyonce.

I've gotten to the point with MY shit, its like

  • fuck going out...we can chill and talk. After about 3 or 4 convos I'll decide if I wanna take you out in public or not. You can be pretty, and I'm sure you want to be seen. Move past that. Can you handle eye contact and conversation.

  • Why can't you pay for yours....I'll pay for mine....and we can fuck each other? That's sharing responsibility. Rude but the truth shall set you..

Wholetime I don't think a lot of you females realize what catering to a man will get you.

Scenario: Youngin I was serious with came out for an outting with me. Paid for the drinks, opened the door for my intentionally, and had a good time. Call her "Ms. Courteous"

End of the night.......Beat it like she stole something, and she woke up to a head between her legs.

Think bout it ladies. Serious business in 2009. Reckonize.