Convincing with Her Body Dimensions-: She Don't Want to Be Just "Another Girl"

Monday, April 20, 2009

This week I'm trying a "no lying, no holds barred" approach. So if something is said in this note, I meant it.

All honesty, I dont even know where to begin. I had enough alcohol on Friday, that I didn't go out Saturday, night, slept all sunday after seeing "Interim" saturday afternoon. I dont really remember much. Forgive me. Came into work this morning feeling like I had someone stomp on my face with a baseball cleat. I dont really remember MUCH of Friday outside of meeting a lot of females I've met off Facebook, Duane lunching and grabbing some broad in the club, and I actually think I got a kiss from a female I used to be heavy steady with on the 3rd floor dance floor. Don't judge me.

I was told I grabbed one of Ky's friends, who happened to be a cute plump plus sized jaint, and dancing with her. I also remember Tamira's purple dress. Dear Tamira, I seriously considered having sex with you at the end of the night. May not have been consentual because I fell off and I'm sure other niggas are on you this month, but you know how me and you rock. Don't need to say much else about that.

Ultrabar bartender on Friday... Umm yeah, you still a pussy for charging me $68.00 and adding your own 22.00 tip. Next time I see you, its on like Donkey Kong. Quite frankly I dont play that shit. You lucky your a female, and I dont hit females. But I do cock back and launch knuckles at bitches. What you did was a bitch move. You qualify.

Few lessons I've learned about light skinned women:

  • We men love y'all and let y'all get away with murder. Regardless of how feeble minded some of you creatures are.

  • A lot of you are being used to diversify the black spectrum. In laimens terms, a lot of men are just getting y'all ass pregnant because they are darker than me, and refuse to take the risk of having a dark skinned ugly baby. At least a light skinned ugly baby can end up getting a pass for having green eyes to compliment not having good skin. Its facts.

  • When you don't get payed enough attention, its an issue. [Edit] Thats all women. Forgive me.
EDIT: A friend sent me this-

So i read in ur note that some men dont talk to dark-skinned chicks cause they'll have an ugly baby.....My reaction...OUCH!!I appreciate your honesty but not all dark women are ugly and not all light women will give u a pretty baby....

That part wasnt in the note, and not of being in fear of having an ugly baby. It was more so an unbiased statement of men thinking they will have CUTER babies because they are fucking a light skinned women. Men are bigger baby critiques than women.

So I measured my portfolio today. Some of you I have no problem saying your names because you know what it is. And I dont talk bad about you. Jeanetta has made a week schedule for herself, I figured I'd do the same. Right now Saturdays are reserved for Interim. Call her that for the sake of her being consistent. We are'nt anything special, so when we see each other, its that. So bewbew, you have Saturday.

  1. Monday: Rest/Relaxation- Nobody has this day. This is downloading porn and music day, also to recover from that weekend I just had.

  2. Tuesday: PhatPhat. Would've been Interim, but she graduated to Saturday, and she's the only female that parties on a tuesday, every Tuesday. Usually we go to lunch. Jist of it.

  3. Wednesday: Date Night. If theres a movie I want to see, it'll be on a wednesday. Beginning of the week aint good, and I hate going to movies everybody's in. I guess thats why I hate Tyler Perry movies.

  4. Thursday: -------. Still open. Guess I havent kept a female around long enough to give a date for this. As of late its been bar.

  5. Friday: This changes. Club, bar, whatever. Sometime I'll be nice and invite someone out at like 5pm to hang out. 75% of the time, they had the original party motives as me. This would be "Ms. Pretty Face", but she doesnt keep a calendar, therefore, she gets what I give her. Lately, zero.

  6. Saturday: Interim. Stamped. Self explanatory. Then maybe, night outting with or without her. She has that option. On occasion Lauren London comes to town, they switch.

  7. Sunday: Dunno yet. Waiting for validation. Keep posted.

Granted this aint a sex schedule. If shit happens it does. I know what me telling y'all this means. If I DO offer the time to a particular individual, it will be like "Oh, what happened to her?" Thats none of your concern. Either you bout it, or you aint. Last thing I need on my conscience is sassing a female who acts like she dont talk to as many dudes as I talk to women. Just being honest. But hey, y'all like being lied to, so maybe I should get on my shit.

Sidenote: One night stands aint shit. I got a call from a person that knows a person that had an inquiring mind. Wild shit, I know. Let me go head and run down the convo.

Me: Whats up? Been a while since you called.

Her: True, just wanted to ask you, did you have sex with [insert faux

Me: Yeah.. Why?

Her: oh, you know she got a recommendation, right?

Me: *pause*...Uhm... Elaborate..

Her: Yeah, she asked ****** about how you were in bed and if it was like you
described in your notes.

Me: Kind of figured that, she wouldnt be the first one.

Her: Did you fuck her again?

Me: Nope.

Her: Why not?

Me: She had dudes she was talking to. It was a night of first, so I figured
why not. Sure she felt the same.

Her: Y'all still talk?

Me: Everytime couple days/weeks when she realizes I aint tripping. I guess
women think fucking a dude once phases us. Im comfortable in knowing I did my
part. She came, I asked for round two, she got it. I have a scar to prove

Her: TMI.

Me: Obviously not enough if she's been going around like David Caruso trying
to find out where my dick been and how it was.

Moral of the story- I hate when females QUESTION the shit I say in my notes. I practice what I preach, and I know the art of my own shit. Stop that.

I'm done. Headache ensues. Bye.


  • concreterunways

    I love reading this shit at work.
    Makes the day in the office run smoothly.

    I love your schedule.

  • just lex

    I'm laughing that you're referring to some girl as "Interim" - how hilariously disrespectful.

  • simone_dior

    i swear this blog always makes my day; loved it. honest men are so refreshing.

  • "I practice what I preach, and I know the art of my own shit." Love it. Cocky yet truthful=sexy. :)