Tahiry's Video From King Magazine Shoot [Goodbye King Magazine]

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'll have a blog about Tahiry and Je Later, for now deal with this.
If y'all dont know much bout Tahiry, here you go.

Tahiry has the internet going nuts, literally. The New York-bred Dominicana first went viral when photos of her, her apple bottom and her boyfriend Joe Budden, surfaced on several gossip hip-hop blogs.

Soon after, TeeTee sporadically began popping up on Jump Off’s Joe Budden TV. It turns out web heads were more into Tahiry’s curves than hearing Joey warn rappers about putting his “foot in their ass.” Initially limited to brief cameos, she quickly nabbed a lead role-resulting in spiking YouTube views and a buzz of her own, a buzz so deafening that King magazine, XXL’s sister publication, came calling.

Now arguably Joe Budden TV’s main draw, the web star-turned-pinup is splitting King’s last cover with Keyshia Cole. XXL recently caught up with Tahiry to discuss her past video vixen ambitions, the other bad girlfriend, Amber Rose, and whether or not her butt really has a bigger buzz than Joe.

Moving along..

And just an extra something I thought was fucking Hilarious.

Pushing Buddens from jeff on Vimeo.