Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sat back and just listened to Bilal and just listened to "Sometimes" for a good two hours last night. It wouldve been a confessions-esque blog but aint nothing I can say that I haven't here.

Sometimes I wonder what y'all REALLY think of me... Sometimes

  • Sometimes I don't think y'all get me....

  • Sometimes I do it to piss you off. I like that shit.

  • I'm never the same person 2 days in a row. Not even sometimes.

  • Interim...I thought it was cute at the beginning..but now sometime you take shit too far.

  • I wish I didn't try so hard sometime

  • I should run in the opposite direction instead of walking the same path sometime.

  • I miss you sometime

  • Sometime I have to doubt what I talk about..

  • I wish I would've hopped out the sheets sometime. (maybe I'd keep them around sometime)

  • I want to spill out all my emotions, but sometime yall aint concerned.

  • I wish I knew my father will never be the man I am sometime.

  • I wish I could show up to late for work sometime

  • Sometime I just want to be in your company but you concerned about niggas who aint fucking with you.

  • It wouldn't hurt to know the effort I dished out was residual sometime

  • Sometime I know God puts me on the waiting list for my long list of wants and needs.

  • Sometime its just my dick that does the thinking.

  • Sometimes I just talk to a bunch of woman not because I'm a player but each has a characteristic.

  • I wish I wasn't me •sometimes

  • I wish I wouldve intervened when that girl was raped •sometimes

  • Many days I go to bed thinking it'll be the last night •sometimes•.

  • sometimes• I don't have home training.

  • I regret fucking you at the Westin, I care for you way more •sometimes•.

  • Money comes and goes but the pace is never steady...•sometimes•.

  • I want to win...•sometimes

  • Yet I have to accept a loss..•sometimes

    End of the day, I am just a man... Always.


  • concreterunways

    I'm feeling that. *sometimes*

    Very poetic way to end it with 'always'.

    Let me guess...?

    It was Ms. Redbone.... in the Weston...with the condom. haha.
    [i just played Clue with my boss' daughter.]

  • Queen Of Hearts

    I believe we all have the thoughts you have, the regrets, the hopes. That's what makes us us and you you. You have all these valid things inside you just make sure if you can't do all, do at least one each day so you can say that you've made one day at a time a little better than the last.

  • Broadband

    Big Blog and Big Song (got that on my playlist). Feeling the new layout.