"I Want You All to Run a Train On My Face"

Monday, April 6, 2009

First off, good morning, hope your weekend was exciting, because its Monday. You realize we have a whole five days of entertainment before the weekend right? [sadface]. Prior to my Colorado venture this weekend to end ski season, a few things should be said.

  • The new blog should be launched next Monday. Not today, but next Monday. So far it's progressing well thanks to the help of Aaronica. I think you need to check her blog out as well. Seems like her and I have similar interests and talk about relatively the same things. Of course mine have a strong gear to sex. I'm trying to stray from that a little bit and talk about some settle things that actually matter. But the format wont change. However check out Aaronica's Blog

  • I'm attempting to have my hands in more than one pot. So far I have:

  1. ThankMe-Later Blog

  2. His & Hers Show

That's out the way, moving right along. I've come to terms with nightlife, and have made an agreement with the "club scene"

  • I refuse to spend $100 every week or two on a new "outfit", just to wear once.

  • I will cut back my alcohol consumption. Spending $80-100 a weekend on alcohol is a travesty.

  • I will no longer engage in late night "sweep calls". I received a text at 12:18am at Love from someone I haven't talked to since September. Comes down to it, her and I were heavily having sex, until she did what most do, find a steady man.

Obviously getting the text message meant one of two things: Either the two of them broke up and she's trying to get back into the mingling single world, or shes just bullshitting to see if I'll bite. I didn't. Told her me and E were at the club and had no intentions of cutting the night short. Needless to say now I'm probably not in her phonebook anymore. I don't care. Sadly mistaken if you don't think I can't find better. I've had good pussy, bad pussy, pussy I've regretted, and then there's "her" type of pussy. The "Shooting Star Pussy"

Shooting Star Pussy (n) [Describes a person, a place, and sometimes....a thing]: Sexual intercourse every once in a while you wish for, yet once you get it, you remember the main reason for why you don't take the effort to pursue it.

I think women call the male version of this something too. I've heard "stalker, hawks..you get the idea".

I also seen one thing that I could respect..at an 18+ club. I'm almost scared to say it, but yeah. Chest tattoos are the new "thing" now. Last summer women tried the foot tattoos, until they realized that majority either had fat feet, or just didn't have the funds to maintain their pedicures. So this summer the new "location" to have a tattoo is right above your titty meat. Not right directly ON it though. Remember like 10 years ago when everybody mother had that ugly ass blank panther with the red claw marks in one of three locations?

  1. Titty

  2. Thigh

  3. Arm

Not sexy.

Public Service Announcement. Dudes, if you see a female you like at the club, tell her. One thing I hate the most is a nigga that will walk around the girl all night and not say shit. [Calling myself guilty as I did this with Tamira minus the walking around her, but for some reason.. it still panned out. Picture that] Hi Tamira...

But back to topic.. 18+ nightclubs. Second time I did it. In some cases it was good, some cases it was bad.


  • Saw girl I went to high school with, granted I didn't pay her much attention all four years, regardless of us usually sitting behind each other in EVERY class. But at 22...she could get it two times everyday, and four times on Sunday.

  • Walking around with alcohol while everyone else can't. Must say, it's empowering to have my pick of women due to the fact they know I can drink, I'm older than them, and everyone knows young women have a tendency...yeah.

  • Seeing a joint that you wouldn't talk to as a senior in high school because she was a sophomore. Priceless. "Are you [insert faux name]? My have you grown.


  • The music. I don't know if its because of the young djs, the dude on the microphone walking around chanting like Khalid, or the fact that the DJ is so siced to be playing at a nightclub that they only play 35 seconds of every song..But it was annoying.

  • X Factor: So many lovely women, until you realize they have that X on their hand. Its not a bad thing bew bew... however your body, and the birth date on your ID have me contemplating many things. One of them being "Am I going to have to sacrifice my Saturdays of getting literally fucked up because she can't get into the spots I'd go?"

  • Energetic Dudes: I literally thought one dude was going to do a back flip in the club. No bullshit.

Adams Morgan at 1AM is a WHOLE OTHER STORY. My god. You have to be LUCKY to pull one. Because this is how it works being a dude standing on the sidewalk at Adams Morgan. And how things look.

Sexy female with her gay friends, ugly female with a phat ass, ugly female with a bamma ass nigga, sexy female with her man, that drunk bitch that walks up and down to show her outfit off, sexy female with her sexy friends minus that one joint that mugs everybody to make sure NOBODY tries their hand.

Then.. I said fuck it.. I tried it. Seen a girl with liquid leggings on. And everyone knows how I go when I see those. E and the boys can vouch for me. She walks past, her friend behind her, but I aint eem care:

Me: Thank you for pulling the liquid leggings off right. Giving women something to strive for.

Her: [STUCK faced because she thought I was going to be rude or harsh. She turns around, smiles] Aww, thank you, I be trying.

Me: Aint much to try from here. But stay classy.

She looks back one more time just for validation that my outfit was cool, and the niggas I was with were just as cool. We are. But I had to let her go, because the white women on the opposite side of the sidewalk starting talking in Ad-libs and shit. Funny as it was, I told E "DAMNIT, I wont see shawty again [even though I did]

My fingers sleepy. Part two later.


  • khaki

    what the hell??? am i the only one that knows Love is not where it's at on Saturdays? second blog that Ive read today that said they went to a College Night... good read though.

  • PhlyyGirl

    No No No, Boo Booo (Yea, I might have to steal that)
    You do NOT go to Love on Saturdays no matter HOW many liquid leggings are in the place.
    There are PLENTY of other places to go with NONE of the hassle.
    Remind me to put you up on game sometime.

    Love the blog though...