Ultrabar: Ugly Ladies Tryna Really Alter Being A RECK

Friday, April 24, 2009

Told yall I'd do it again. I SWEAR I aint go buy a rack of drinks and have an outrageous tab. I went and got the $3.00 specials. So by the fourth I was like John Legend...ready to go. Moving right along... Arekah...liquid leggings...my lordy. If you weren't so you I'd moufkiss you in public and hold your hand. Wee o wee....like a cop car. <---- yes I've been using this quote in normal conversation. So at first the jaunt was a meat fest. I found myself going to the bathroom just to get AWAY from the rest of the dudes. And the beginning flock of women. I definitely had the "no lord why me" look for a good hour point five.

Then seen a youngin....couldn't be a day over 19...had on some type fashions that must have malfunctioned so her back was all out. And she had an ass tat that lead up her back. Found myself going and saying "if you only had a band". I believe I said this to her.

I saw Ashley and her crew from Trinity U also. Looking just as good as yall wanna look. Oww. Ashley you jie got a trunk on you like a Dodge Caravan. Just round and rotund. Made a man want to pull up to your bumper and just tag you from the back. Your friend I was sitting next to the whole night...yeah..two thumbs. Khalid "holla at me baby"


  • Niggas dappin each other from across the room. Bammas like shit. Like I understand yall boys and shit...cool. However....nigga......nigga....this is NOT the time to give them love everlasting daps. Hurting a nigga hand and shit. Come on now dude.

Glasses at night old. Fuck is your ass on, some espionage with a beat type blends? I understand yall need to be seen, I feel the same way. However unless you got xray vision...nigga you jie like look like BLANKMAN...out here cuffing broads. J5!

Came to my attention yall dudes out here wearing them Filas that are imitation Pradas. I guess it aint nothing to it but to do it. However I will say this...won't catch me rocking them thangs like. Got me fucked up like sex on the ceiling.

I aint tryna save dat gurlllllll......some females this dedicated to yall. I like to this some of the dudes are giving yall too much credit. Now granted I'm at LOVE a lot. So I know a bourgie female when I see one. However...aint NOTHING I've seen like the boogie HOODRAT joint last night. Now...aint no shane in my game. If you aint living a nightlife lie...I will tell you. So shawty walks up on me like "what you drinking on?" I tell her...then see the X on her hand. So I'm wondering where she getting a drink from since she asking. She proceeds to ask if I can buy her one. No, butch I don't like you and don't care to blink at you any further.

She pulls out a wad of ones and proceeds to hand me cash. Here's where the hoodrat comes out....her outfit. I don't know the broad to save my life but she had hoodrat tatted on her personality. She came to the club with a do rag on. Her heels were leaning...breath smelt like day old "what the fuck" and her cologne...yes cologne was that reminisces of bad weed and cheap hair products.


"Can I get some coke" - White dude to me attempting to get some white broad hyped up off that shit. I dont fuck with that white girl.. NO FUEGO.

Why she standing there like her pussy airing out?- To some broad standin outside looking dumb

Hey there itty bitty bitches- TO the Asian women coming out the club

Honorable Mentions:

- I'm a hangover away from sleeping with you tonight.
- You do look familiar, wait, whats your name again? RIGHT!
- Yes, I'm the Pinnedherassdown dude off Facebook. Oh you could'nt tell? Check out my GOOD side!
- So this is a model call... your a model, take my number down, call me and remind me who you are, because I wont remember.
- Your top heavy, turn around. Oh...I see there IS work to be done. [lmao. fuck y'all that shit is FUNTY!]