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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Developed a SERIOUS case of amnesia as well as writers block. Wait, isn't that the same thing? Quite possibly. Don't really know what to call it honestly. I'm just going to blame it on the lack of excitement in my life lately. I came to terms with my sister growing up in front of my eyes. Granted I dont spend the time I should because she's a teenager so I know she wants to spend that time with her friends. I was the same way, 5, 6 years ago. She gave up skiing for Spring Break so she could be around them. Heres the catch though...They all went out of town, she stayed home. She could've been in Colorado enjoying the last weekend of the ski season but she opted not to.

Speaking of Ski season, I want to pick up a set of skis for myself. I've been bullshitting and DIDNT get any. I have boots, and all the other gear however. Jacket, backpack, pants, boots, socks, warmers, gloves, mask, goggles, the whole nine. I should've got the end of the season Demos while they were 291, but my money wasnt right so I said fuck it.

I'll only say this because its on my mind, then I'm done with it.

  1. If you feel being talked about in my blog is a bad thing.. its probably because you are a bad thing. A lot of the people I talk about know they are who I'm talking about. I dont go out of my way to give a lie when I can state a fact.

  2. Sex is NOT the only geared topic. Theres plenty of things I rather talk about, just so happens thats all people READ and comprehend. If you go back to my old notes.. they had nothing to do with it. But I geared my blogs to the people who read them. I'm going to change that. Fuck your feelings. This bout me here.

  3. I hate when dudes that KNOW you and the girl have been friends before them tell the girl "I trust you, I just dont trust the guys". I've said this shit, so I'm guilty, and a hypocrite, fuck it. HOWEVER, I came to the conclusion of this... No female, no man is going to give up the people that came before you. Get the fuck over it.

  4. I despise my laptops internet not working. I depend on my blackberry and work computer to type my shit. Hence I no longer care about grammaticals.

Its Staff Appreciation day. So I must be nice for eight hours. Pray for me.

T Minus 8 Days.


  • PhlyyGirl

    WHYYYYYY'd it have to be a picture of Nikki Giovanni with that title???
    That's just not right. LOL.

    At any rate, you got 6 hours left.
    It ain't that bad. Just sign a card and buy a box of choclates. They'll love it

  • Queen Of Hearts

    Do you and everything else will fall into place. Look inside. smh Yeah.