Moist Satin Sheets: #3 Slow & Steady Wins The Race.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

She told me come over when her daughter left for the night. I love me an older woman. Granted her kids my age...the experience she got it what I want. I bee. Thinking about fucking it all day long. Bulge in my pants tell no lies. At work drawing strategies of things I'm trying to do.

Call her Foxy Brown. Pam Grier like, titties sit upright. Had a kid but her body doing fine. I know I can't demand too much of her because they still live with her. So when I get the chance I know she goes all out, eager to please. She's a thinker in the bedroom. I remember once she pulled over on the interstate, told me to drive as she serviced me like a Pep Boys in the hood. Must admit I came twice.

She likes having a young man so I give her what she likes. In return I get the experience. She puts her leg over her head with ease. And likes to suck her own titties in missionary as she wraps her legs around my chest as I dig up in it.

So I pull up to her house. Lubrication, trojan protected. I call her tell her I parked on the side and let me in. She shows up to the door with Nike body gear and a sports bra. Mustve just in from the gym. Since she's not married her bodys extra tight. And I can see her pussy print in the spandex just throbbing to get its own workout.

"Baby I'm thirsty grab something to drink." Now before me..she was all white Zinfandel and wine coolers. But I've put her onto the "Midnight Menu". So I go and prepared the sex juice. Malibu pineapple and grey goose. Got the recipe from a let's call it "pussy juice". I took her the cup, she grabs. She sips and says to taste it off her lips. Sometime being an eager student is a good thing so I indulge. Sneaking tongues in our mouths she softly moans, clinching closer..her heart beating from her now naked chest, breast sitting upright, nipples poking my upper body.

I walk her over to the staircase and push her towards the wall. Putting her hands above her head, she submits to my whim. Sucking her breasts, playing with each between my fingers, licking the sides...the nipples, underneath the cuff, I kiss her heart. I feel her soul dancing. She moans "baby I'm sweaty let me get in the shower".

I take her to the bathroom and put her on the counter. She starts getting undressed as I turn on the water. She gets in, and asks if I'm joining. I reply no because I have no change of clothes. She grabs me by the collar and starts kissing my neck, and licking behind my ear. I in turn kiss down. Her chest as she leaves wet footprints on the back of my t shirt, titty prints on the front. Tangled in the shower curtain she rips them down midway through us kissing.

I turn her to the tile on the wall and face her towards it. Arching her back I grab and bite at her asscheeks while she moans passionately. I grab the showerhead and start to run water down her back. As it trickles down, I lick between the drops, pussy and moisture mixed. Gradually moving the showerhead to the front, I turn it on and rub it against her pussy as she digs her newly manicured nails into my shoulder.

"I have to shower" is what she replies, so I hand her the washcloth and her Dove sensitive skin body wash. She looks at me, bites her lip, and squeezes a dab of it on the cloth. Washing from her neck to her breast to her stomach...I watch as this specimen of a woman teases me, naked and foamed, like a starbucks delight. She in turn takes the shower head and rinses herself, rubbing the showerhead on her lower region before asking me to get her back.

I put one of her legs on the soap dish, the other on the ledge and begin to wash. I scrub slow, looking at the tattoo on her right shoulder that connects to the front. Licking the side of her neck...she wants the tongue. She turns, rips my shirt off and unzips my now soaked jeans. I pick her up and carry her out of the bathroom. She prefers to airdry so I put her down near the bed. She gets up and pushes my head back towards the mattress with her index finger.

Pulling it out she start salivating for my dick. She kisses the shaft. Mesmerized at it at full attention she licks the head first. Sticks her tongue in the slit. Makes sure she rubs the balls with her left hand. With every move of her mouth I retaliate with groans. She's experienced. Sucks the head just right, nibbles on it, and licks the sack as well. In a trance I feel obligated to return.

I get up and tell her lay on the bed. She does. When she spreads out...I pick her up in mid air and eat her pussy standing up. Clinching my head with her inner thighs...she cuts on my chin and tongue. I stick my tongue inside the love canal to taste more. She grabs the dick in anticipation for sucking. She goes to town as she grabs my waist and goes at it no hands. I pull her down when it gets too much and arch her back over the bed.

Going for it we are penetrating. Fresh out the shower...her pussy is soaked and now creaming on my dick. I push her into the comforter and tell her put her legs together. Grabbing each cheek, I grind slow and in circles...letting her feel every inch as I lick down her spine. She feels a tightening in her thighs, cliches the pillow close..and explodes all over the bed.

I flip her over and lick it off...

I remove her towel and start to work on those satin sheets....


  • concreterunways

    I think I need to go have a little shower of my own now as i leave the office for the day. Damn it, and i just bought these panties the other day. lol.