Second place always got a whole lot to prove

Monday, April 13, 2009
Currently I'm kind of torn between this Pleasure P "Boyfriend #2" song.

Now granted, I understand what the memo was trying to prove on the track, so I just asked some women..

  • hes basically like the back up joint
    when number 1 aint there or fulfilling ur needs....just call him

  • I guess its someone who provides emotional support and/or friendship... and sex.. with the agreement that there is no commitment b/c you have a #1 in your life... so basically they know their role...

These were pretty much the jist of the argument. So a guy responds perfectly to it.
Ain't nothing but a side joint. Bitches juss try to claim u as bf #2 to feel less ho-ish but eh.. to each's own..

Can't even fault him for it, because I kind of felt him. My initial reply:

"basically her main nigga aint making the pussy happy, taking her on dates, spending time, so she gets somebody else to do all the dirty work, while the main nigga reaps the benefits, and she prolly wont even leave dude.... "

The fucked up part, dudes are excepting this. I was having a conversation with Semora yesterday, and we have it damn near daily. And it came out as so: "You cant be giving out good dick to everybody all willy nilly."

Boyfriend #2 aint shit but "Friend-e-fits". Somebody who knows your situation, but honestly don't give a fuck about it. Granted, this may be the same person who tries to grab that cape and save you in the time of need, but in all honesty.. You can't save somebody who's already been rescued.

Example: She got a man. Y'all talk, she tell you all their business. Tosses you some pussy in hopes that you'll remain close. You all do. They break up, she comes running to you.

  • Don't do it. She/he cheated on their spouse, and "rantoldthat" to you bout it. They aint in your best interest.

  • Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  • I take that back because I cheated once, sue me.

So what I did was asked a SINGLE friend of mine. [The one who pretty much told me to speak on this topic]. She agreed with me. We both hate it. Now seeing as two single people who hate the friends with benefits, boyfriend #2 thing, it makes sense. Now.. I asked a girl in a relationship via Facebook, her response...

"I dont see anything wrong with having a friend. He's there to uplift my spirits and be there when my man isn't"

WHAT type of fluids do some of you women drink? Starting to think its petroleum because someone's gassed your heads to believe you can have your cake and eat it. You can't. Fucked up part of the cycle is they DESPISE when a guy does the same thing., and ACKNOWLEDGES the "friend-e-fits"

I dont know ANY dude that wont take up an offer of friends with benefits. Period. I know some that have caught feelings for the female, but she insisted she didn't want a relationship and liked the way things were working. UNTIL... lol.. until she realized:

  1. He had every right to pursue other women and possibly fuck them.

  2. Aint shit she could do but live with the fact she was offered a full benefits job, but insisted on working part time.

  3. He/She has flipped the scenario and worked it in their benefits.

With that said.. how do YOU feel about Boyfriend #2?


  • Untouched Jewel

    It ain't worth the risk of getting caught and losing a relationship at all. NOBODY WINS.