Wise Words from a Decent Man

Monday, April 13, 2009
LaurenI'm impressed. First blog on the new site and I hope you are too. Still some things that need to be fixed on it, and this is the "working" layout for it..so forgive the construction.

Remember back in the blackplanet days...instead of saying you were too lazy to fix codes on your page "under construction" was your bread and butter? Lol.

I don't really know where to start so whatever. Basically I've been busy the past few days, dealing with family things as well as finishing up ski season. Yes black people ski. Hate ignorance when people act like we don't. Next conquest is white water rafting. I'm diversifying..

With the blog comes with new outlooks:

  • » All women I once talked to...done. A man needs change, and can't do it with the same cast. Think of the original three "American Pie" movies. The first three were cool...but some shit drags on too far.

  • » Sex. While there will be plenty, some shit will be kicked back to avoid hurting females I'm currently inside of.

  • » "I don't want to be a casualty of your blog"...I don't strive to put you out there. Period. So in all fairness names are withheld. You know who you are. Simple.

Moving right along I've learned a lot from this ski season...maneuver well and try not to trip over your own feet. Stay focused on the next three moves. And it works in life as well.

In the transition of the blog, all the old shit is there. Let me tell you my motivation:

Dee: Even when you get on my nerves, still my best friend on this planet. I finally started LISTENING to the stuff you were saying, and its gradually making sense. I love you gree-dee. Enough of the soppy shit.

Netta- love this woman dearly. If there was anyone who thought like me and could share interest in things its her. She was my original reasoning for blogging. I love you buddy.

Aaronica- she actually helped me put this whole thing together. Without her this would be strictly blogspot. If not facebook notes. I suggest you read her blog because she updates daily. So when I don't..she's there.

Devon- fashion citizen. Met him off twitter but adopted him as fam off the break. In a nutshell... Haute couture.

Semora- Yes, you made the cut too. lol. Crazy enough, you endorse me and have a LOT of new insight to the things I know now. Preciate it.

Bianca: Yes, even you. Lately you've been around, either for arguments, or even just being the person I'm on again off again with. Have to get that together interim...

Let me get this out too. All the women who didn't want relationships, bullshitted, fucked just to see if I was about what I wrote..thanks. I used to think you were meaningless outside of the physical, but my wit is tested daily with you all. Luckily persistence is a dish I eat ONCE for leftovers.

Speaking of not wanting relationships... But wanting the benefits. Peep this. It won't fly. You WILL pay for your meal. You WILL get a student or child ticket to a movie. And if you get mad...charge it. I'm pulling rank and quite frankly...friends don't pay for friends shit. I'm being courteous.

Fuck buddies...I'm learning to love them. Since women insinuate they like the benefits without the work...pretty much a part time job...yes.. I'm now am equal opportunity employer. If woman and sex are a synonymous name.. "temp agency" works.

- fucking a man who has a girl..sure its fun..until you realize...your on a sinking boat.
- your on call. Matter fact..text. Side booty gets characters..
- affection minimal. Hugs...cuddling? You better grab that pillow and cling close. Won't be NONE of that...round here.

I have to conserve...so tomorrow...keep posted.