Trick Or Treating.. Getting me some coochie for the weekend.. OWW

Friday, October 31, 2008
Okay... Its Halloween...the tricks are treating. Wearing the tight body outfits for tonight.. and I'm so amped for it. The one time out of the year all the ugly women can dress up as they normally do, and still get a pass. Also.. the one day out of the year for men like me to say vulgar comments to all the naughty nurses and maids. Someone is getting the goods this weekend.. I promise you this. Fuck this celibacy shit.. Friend sent me a photo of her halloween costume.. And my lord my Jesus.. if we hadnt been friends for years.. I'd definetely put work to her abdomin. Oww Oww Owwwwww

Want to see my attire for the evening?

Bada BING! (my new shit.. dont steal my shit either). Stepping out getting blown tonight.. regardless. YE DIGGGGGG?

Anyway... Big girls... Word to the wise... Costumes that WONT fly for y'all tonight... French Maids... Cops... Strippers... or anything showing stretch marks in places there shouldnt be. If you have to apply three coats of cocoa butter to the back of your knees... Please... dont show them tonight... Understood? I love me a big girl... But please wear the attire made for you.. okay? When you seen a 260 pound French Maid in Paris? Dont worry.. I'll wait. But I will say what MAY look cute on a thick one tonight though...

Owww... Yes. Show that titty meat baby! Look like you just faught Manny from Ice Age in that costume big girl. Work it. Oww Oww Oww.

(this is a NO NO)

Niggas.. Especially if your going to be at Adams Morgan tonight... Please... The Scream, Jason, Texas Chainsaw mask are like real... 2002. Six years ago. You will NOT.. I repeat.. will NOT pull any bitches looking like you really just went to CVS thirty minutes before and bought a mask. A little more effort is needed. Besides... when did Michael Myers start wearing High Top Jordans and blue jeans? Egg-act-lee.

I actually want to go as T-Pain... but its not the same without the Vocalizer. I'm trying to walk around talking shit like "Yayaaaaaaheee Yayyyyyy." Now that I think about it... All I need is the Dreads, top hat, the vest, and the colorful shoes. Jaint would be tough... But I would burn these clothes the next day though. lol. Real talk.
(Click the link.. Its funny)

Anyway.. I gotta post the video of the dudes that be going around the city dressed like Jerome from Martin. COMEDY. Anybody DONT have plans for the night? Let me know.. We're making it a party for the night. Me and my compadres. (Angel... GET EM..). Cant wait to see Jasmine's outfit..Bada Bing! I gotta be drunk for this event. lol. I'm liable to pull me a white girl tonight. Bout to be baby Westley for the night. lol. White girls with trunks in the back, not the front... beware.. because I'm coming at you like facials in a porno.

I never told y'all how my week was did I? I really didnt do much.. But I spent some time with a friend of mine last night at one of the best movies I've seen in a LONG time. (Independent jaint).. Yes. Laughed the WHOLE time. lol. Hopefully they had as much fun as I did. *Fuego*

Oh.. I have the new T-Pain cd if anybody wants it... BEST cd I hear in a while. Y'all going to stop sleeping on that man too.. (enjoy)

So.. what is everybody else going to be for tonight? I'm curious as to see/hear. If you need approval of mine.. Feel free to email me your attire..

I will evaluate accordingly.. Possitive feedback. All my plus sized ladies.. feel free to send too. Shake that jellayyyyyy!

Oh... Forgot to mention this too.. Lauren London may have a replacement... Yes.. I said it. I fell in love with Joe Buddens girlfriend after watching a video of her on worldstar... ass sitting right chere... make me wanna bite chere...Dominican jaint too.. Owww. Bout to start hanging out in Silver Spring & Wheaton more often. Get me one of her. So if your Dominican and your reading this... Tell your friends.. I'm on the hunt..

Caution: bad Bitch Alert:

Anyway.. I'm done.. Had my fun... I'll be back soon.