Shanice- Inner Child [Throwback Album] 1991

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Alrighty, I was scanning my ipod, and "I love your smile" came on. Wild as shit, right? Well I went on Twitter to see if someone had the cd, and a young lady found it for me. THANKS. Now I must share with the masses

1. Keep Your Inner Child Alive (Interlude) - Shanice, Dakota, Sally Jo
2. I Love Your Smile - Shanice, Baker, Jack
3. Forever in Your Love - Shanice, Baker, Jack
4. I'm Cryin' - Shanice, Dakota, Sally Jo
5. I Hate to Be Lonely - Shanice, Biancaniello, L.
6. Stop Cheatin' on Me - Shanice, Baker, Jack
7. Silent Prayer - Shanice, Cohen, J.
8. Peace in the World - Shanice, Baker, Jarvis La Ru
9. Lovin' You - Shanice, Riperton, Minnie
10. You Ain't All That - Shanice, Biancaniello, L.
11. You Didn't Think I'd Come Back This Hard - Shanice, Baker, Jack
12. You Were the One - Shanice, Anderson, K.
13. I Love Your Smile - Shanice, Baker, Jack