Sticking to my Convictions

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
My boy told me "Greg, stick to your convictions". I think that was a suitable title to this.

My party went better than expected. Fell in love in the span of 5 minutes With Ms. Travel Girl. Shook at the fact shes opting on moving instead of staying where she belongs. At least thats where I feel she should be. Hurts that someone with so much potential is constantly on the run. Something tells me she runs from her problems instead of dealing with them. That shouldnt be. Call me sweet on her, but fuck it. We've spoken for months now, and JUST met Saturday. Shit is crazy that way, I guess. But things also clicked. *pause*

Okay, I had to turn off that sentimental music, it was making me go on a tangent, and getting off track to where I was going. Moving along.

After much debate, I figured I'd go ahead and take a hiatus for a little while. Clear my head and get some shit together in my own personal life. There are more than enough blogs so far for the year that people have to catch up on, which should cover my ass until I decide to come back and have something to say. But right now, theres too much shit on my conscience that I cant get over:

- CBS currently is "heads over heels" for somebody. Dont know if I started actually liking her... or if I just want to fuck again.
- Ms. Travel Girl [probably never spoke on her].. Shes difficult. Asked a question of her yesterday, no reply. So I just said fuck it, charged it to the game. can only play the fool one time.
- "Therapy" [spoke on her before, but had to change her name due to conflict of interest. We still chill hang out, but shit just is... cant even explain it.

Some shit I'll just keep to myself to reserve comments being thrown my way, and people feeling like I've slandered their names [females]. A close mouth dont get fed, but it wont get me in trouble. I'll take that option.

Who knows when I will have something to say. I have damn near 17 blogs just ready to post.. But I'll save them for a rainy day. Hopefully y'all will continue viewing, and reading all the old blogs.