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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
This is my just venting here. Plenty of you all read my blogs, most to laugh, most to hear my truths, but let me go ahead and tell you... today I've made it official that I may have see a woman that ranks high. Now before I've seen plenty of beautiful women, but this one trumps even me. Fucked up part about it... today, I'm walking to the bathroom, and she's walking back to her office across the hall, and I get cottonmouth heavy, as if I had chewed QTips for a living.

We'll call nickname her "Savvy" for the sake of me putting her name out there. "Ms. Savvy" if you nasty. Ha! I got a laugh out of that one. You should have too. Reason she has this name is because whenever I'm relieving the receptionist, shes usually going to the restroom or to lunch, but I cant help but be amazed by this woman. Like totally neglecting if she has a man or not.. but she is wonderful. The last time I felt this way was when I saw a 27 year old female like two years ago. Come to find out that female liked...females. And had three kids. I hope this is not a re-introduction of that. LORD let me win ONE please.

So to avoid going on a tangent.. I'm going to say to y'all exactly what I SHOULD be saying to her. I may print this out, say forget it, and let her read it at her desk.

Dear Ms. Savvy,

You are amazing. Maybe I'm reaching, but things like this dont happen often. You rank up there with Lauren London right now. And everyone that knows me can tell you I've only mentioned two women in that category. And one of them just so happens to be Joe Buddens girlfriend, but shes voided now. Another was Faith from the Notorious movie. But she had an EPIC fall from that ladder.

I see you everyday around I Dont know if those are the times you take lunch.. but sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, I want to take you to lunch, get to know you. Ask you redundant questions that have no relevance to anything like "Why do pigeons have wings but walk in my way on the sidewalk." Random things to make you smile. But I digress. You can't continue to tease me with these hellos and everything. Ask me to lunch. Give me your email let's talk some, make 5pm come quicker together than it would alone. Email me:

I wasn't pressed to look for a ring or to ask about stuff like that. But when we shook hands that didn't dawn on me to look. Hopefully your man treats you right, because you men like me wouldn't do you wrong....take that how you want to.

Blog readers...hopefully this won't be the last time you hear about miss savvy. Shit, hopefully I get a reply.



  • Untouched Jewel

    Damn, that approach almost had me. I say go ahead and do the damn thing. The least she could do is turn you down. And if she does, there are other females somewhere out in the world whom probably trump her on a good day. I would definitely like to know the end result of this....

  • PeaceLoveAndSunshine

    damn up there with lauren. :)

    do it up. lol

    good luck!