"Why Squared"

Friday, February 6, 2009
Took a note my boy Keyon did, and started to ask... "Why" my damn self. This is a section that I'll probably do weekly, every Friday.. with 20-25 Questions that I have to ask.. "why".. Here goes.

  1. Why do women praise big dicks, then complain about it hurting? Nothings perfect.
  2. Why do women complain about dick sizes period. Lay there, shut up.
  3. Why whenever I hear about someone doing a drug outside of X pills and weed, I instantly think of a white person? [Racist as that sounds, I know I'm not the only one.]
  4. Why did the lady at H&M tell me that men put baby powder on their thighs in order to slide in and out of their skinny leg jeans?
  5. Why cant women have the complete package?
  6. Why the fuck Mystikal aint out of Jail yet? Its been like 8 years... okay.. 7, but still.
  7. Speaking of Seven. Why did he stop being a choreographer for Bad Boy? Hmm..
  8. Why does Mountain Dew make me run to the bathroom 15 minutes later? YELLOW 5!!!
  9. Why the fuck my blackberry dont have "threaded SMS" like the iphone?
  10. Why am I a virgin again? I need poosie.
  11. Why do I have a feeling I'm going to grab a whole lot of random women and dance with them Saturday?
  12. Why aint YOUR ass going Saturday? Hmmm...
  13. When you aint talk to me in a while, and you see me active on Facebook.. why the fuck you try to pick up where we left off? I dont fuck with you no more girl. Go Thaddaway---->
  14. Why do I feel like Suge & Diddy know who killed Tupac & Biggie, but wont say nothing?
  15. Why do Ray J & Nick Cannon keep getting the baddest bitches? Yes Im hating. Fuck that. Christina Millian? Kim K? Mariah? Shit aint fair. I protest.
  16. Eve ate the apple, you bleed for a week.. but.. Why?
  17. Why cant I bust a nut from getting head? Hmmm.
  18. Why do I have to wait until payday to get what I want?
  19. Why does Greg like light skinned women over anything else?
  20. I dunno...you tell me.... WHY!?!


  • Untouched Jewel

    Good questions. Funny, but good none the less.

  • Kita Monroe

    lol @ 13 would i happen to know what ur talking about?

  • Fashion Citizen

    LMBAO ! Dude you're a fool but a LOT of those cause a brother to ponder.

  • what's the complete package??