Fetish: Women with Liquid Leggings

Thursday, February 12, 2009
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Now, granted, I wasnt going to post this until tomorrow... HOWEVER... I figured I would go ahead and post tonight because of the fact I've seen a PRETTY woman on myspace wearing them. I notified her I was using her photo for my blog about them, because she pulls them off so well... but I digress.

Ladies.. Liquid Leggings are your friend. Look above. She is by far the most beautiful female I've sen wear them. However.. fi you want to catch a man in 2009, and your face isnt necessarily on 1000... Liquid leggings. Theres NO reason you wont have an ass in these. Even females with soggy asscheeks get a lift out of these. And they fit so perfectly.

Heres a PERFECT example of Liquid leggings pulled off to PERFECTION. Now.. if "Ms. Heavenly" would wear them when we go out soon......


  • Untouched Jewel

    Not to hate on your fetish and all,but some women don't have the figure for liquid leggings. This chick on the photo however, does. She can pull that look off with no effort, because she don't have no stretch marks, no pooch from having babies, and no cellulite that's out of this world either.
    EVERY woman can't look like her in some liquid leggings. I know if I tried, I would be trying to rip them off before I left home looking like some low-budget hooker. LOL. JMO.

  • .*all that glitters.

    Liquid leggings are fucking wack...do not endorse this bullshit...NOW she does pull these off well, because she is a BAD bitch...HOWEVER, that does not make them cute...do not endorse this fuckery...bitches walking around looking like they got trash bags on they legs is NOT fly..regardless how pretty, sexy, cute, etc. she is....that is all.