[Relief]...I gave her the note.

Thursday, February 19, 2009
Whew. I'm anxious to see how this works. I'm over here feeling like a school kid passing a love note forreal. Granted thats the only thing I COULD do. We both have dayjobs, so I couldnt go and talk her head off for an hour. Plus I've been working like a slave, goign back and forward to these buildings for all of these ledger documents, meeting up with the government agencies, along with the duties that I have IN the office. I've been pulling 10+ hour shifts, with like 30 minute lunch breaks. So I didn't get to give it to her yesterday. [Besides, I didn't see her].

Who knew butterflies wore boots? Because I feel like I have a thousand of them stepping on my abdomin. Chest feeling tight, and thats not good for an Asthmatic.

So shes doing her routine walk past me. And it starts:

Ms. Savvy: Hey, how are you?
Me: Hey, whats up?
[shes walking to restroom]
Me: Umm
Ms. Savvy: [doubles back] Whats up?
Me: I have something for you when you come out.
Ms. Savvy: Alright, sure thing.

[Out she comes. With a napkin. She washes her hands. *love*. She's a keeper]

This shit is ridiculous. Shouldn't feel like this. And it dont happen often. Sure, I see a female and I'm like "ok, she has an ass, but can she keep a job?". But this right HERE nigga....

Yes. Having a Katt Williams moment.

I digress. Nothing much else is going on with my day. THis is the gist of it. Seeing her, talking to Lauren London earlier this morning [hey hey hey hey!]. Finally something working in MY favor for once. Over here like "please Ms. Savvy dont like women, please please please".