This infamous "Tell facts about you" Note on Facebook that I hate....

Thursday, February 5, 2009
I guess the more I get tagged, the more I write, right? Okay. Great.

24 Facts. I'm going in.

1. I'm determined to have my own place by 2010. No reason I should'nt have one.
2. But like number 1.. I spend too much damn money. I'm going to stop. I promise.
3. I have 87 fitted hats...and counting.
4. I'm on the verge of paying all debts, and by April, I should only have one banking account. Right now I have three different ones. Not good..
5. I used to have cornrolls. Sickening, I know.
6. I've been drinking 7 bottles a day.
7. Before Lauren London.. there was Aaliyah. No in between.
8. I work at a Law Firm. Major? English. Picture that.
9. My drivers license photo looks like a convicted serial rapist.
10. I have no car. Metro. My life sucks. sometimes..Hard knock Life.
11. I listen to "Blackberry Mollasses" everyday at least twice.
12. Wrote a 12 page paper on how AIDS was given by monkies, so obviously a human fucked one in order to catch it.
14. I will never be president, but I'm determined to run SOMETHING.
15. Kids I want: 3. You have to have the "odd child" to balance it out.
16. I watch Ferris Bueler everytime it comes on.
17. Jo'el and I take some nice photos together. Yay.
18. Dee told me once "Greg, you care too much about these bitches". Stuck with me.
19. Not a big Bill Cosby fan... but I live by his motto. "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." - Bill Cosby
20. I've always been scared of not waking up the next day. Something strange bout it.
21. I'm going through my evolution period.
22. Admitted porn watcher.
23. Rather be rich than famous. I'm about the checks. [asian lady] "C'mon gimme monay"
24. Deer Park > Aquafina > Fiji