Introducing Honeybun

Thursday, February 5, 2009

let me introduce you to Honeybun. Might as well before you think shes my girl. She aint. But jive like if opportunity knocked.. yeah. First female I've met who's wit matched mine. That and she's educated. My god. Now sure, a lot of females are in college, and many have degrees.. But "this shit right here nigga'...

I met her when we both were fascinated with the sidekick craze. Granted I had a girl then, so we both patened the "brother/sister" phrase. Actually panned out well mainly because neither one of us wanted nothing. Now when I seen her body and frame.. Must admit, I had ideas of traveling to her location and possibly penetrating the fuck out her. But nah. Something made her different than a one nighter.

I remember it like it was last night...a year and a half ago.. when I had a conversation with her about.. you guessed it "people". Those people being people on the site we used to be on. And how people live a facade that they arent. She said something to me that stuck.

"What can they tell you? You ain't real? Say what you mean and mean what you say"

Reason why I say this in the blog is because this shit..My blogs are meant for you not to understand. You may hate it, you may love it. Thats the art of argument. So when I see people feeling my words, I love it. When you dislike it, I take it into consideration, and continue on with my motivation...myself.

But thats neither here nor there. I really wanted an excuse to post her photo. Shes fucking gorgeous.

-And she proves that not ALL the women I interact with are light skinned with long hair. [even though she just recently chopped hers off].

Back to business... See y'all in the next blog. Oww.