Swapper sex for Swagger: Shawty want herself a baller

Friday, February 6, 2009
In all my conversations with women, one of the most confusing things in my mind is how they can reduce all their standards once a brother signs a million dollar contract. I know female who hated sports, but whenever she caught me watching sportscenter she would go crazy at the site of any black man in shorts and a jersey.

It’s call groupism, and its running through the nation. Take Lil Wayne for instance, if he couldn’t rap he would have a desert dick. Dryer than the Sahara. But he rhymes so well and his jewlery is so blingy. Girls flock to him. Once while in a night club at ATL a pair of panties almost hit me while I was standing in VIP with my shades on, sipping on a drink and looking at the people who weren’t in VIP. And no the panties were aimed at a multi-platinum rapper and a few ball players who was there with him.

Needless to say girls still dream of bagging a ball player, a man who will never be home, and rape hotel attendants on away games. Then give you a 40 karat ring to keep you quiet, submissive and docile while he drops a double nickel on my beloved NY Knickerbockers.

I’ve read that the best place to meet a ball player is while they’re still in college preferably @ a Big Ten, ACC, or SEC school. The summer league games are cool too but if you want to be more than a jump off avoid the clubs. I was in awe at the fact that there seems to be a handbook on how to bag a cash cow. The worst part about it is, I don’t even blame the ladies, I blame the dumb ball players who splurge on these females… The same females dudes like myself get with for free. Do you Playa!!


  • This was the hottest ish i've read all day!!!