Gear Grinders

Friday, February 27, 2009
  • You know.. Simple dumb shit....As the world turns. Lets move it.

  • I hate a female that dont know when her cycle is coming. Random but yes. I'll elaborate. If you know your period is coming on, and we are planning on hanging out, cancel those plans for a few days. You need those days to relax. A stank ass attitude around me aint going to work. I dont even care about the bleeding and shit. We're talking about you havign an attitude about EVERYTHING. "Why the fuck is it windy outside!". Bitch, its February. And you got on H&M fleece.
  • Speaking of H&M... Another thing about females. Why do y'all walk over clothes, step on them and shit? Like you SEEN it there. Why the fuck cant you step over it? Do you get pleeasure for fucking up a shirt somebody could wear? I hope your mothers nose bleeds and it dont clot. Bitch.
  • Forgetting the ID Scan card for my job. Aint nothing worse than having ot go through all that "oh, so you forgot your key today?".. Bitch obviously. I forget 3 out of the 5 work days. How about you just do what you get paid for and let me up. You see me daily. What the fuck is a temporary badge going to do for me?
  • Public bathrooms. You ever had to run to the bathroom, and pretty much lose the drive after you see piss on the seat, or pubes? That or the inconsiderate bitch ass nigger/wigger didnt flush the fucking toilet, and left shit logs just stanking and floating. Water brown and shit? Yeah. Motherfuckers like this need to have their assholes stapled together and shit through their earlobes.
  • Listening to Gucci Mane for an ENTIRE work day. I've done it two days out of this work say. And thanks to OJ Da Juiceman, I've learned to walk around saying Aye. And with Gucci, I've used his ad-libs in casual conversation
  • People who dig in their nose, no napkin, paer towel or nothing then attempt to look around to see if anybody is in eyesight, then wipe it on a seat or something. Yeah fool.. I seen you, the fuck you think I'm not going to point and laugh? This is why I have sand sanitizer in my jacket pocket. You old nasty dusty butt ass bitch.
  • Downloading music and it taking forever. This shit pisses me off. Self explanatory: Ares.
  • A female with a phat ass, pretty face, titties right, but her nails and feet are horrible. Like seriously. You sexy as shit until you give an introduction hand shake or you kick off your heels. Aint no reason why you got a french manicure, then your feet look like you dropped the bottle of nail polish on your feet, and said fuck it. Go find your nearest professional. Why the fuck is your nail polish that mediocre. Paint the NAIL, stop at the skin. SERIOUSLY.
  • Hotel bedsheets, and fucking in them. I hate them. I do. Granted, I know I've fucked up a set or nine in my life. However after watching a documentary last night where they went over them with a blacklight. I dont know WHY someone was this nasty, but how the fuck do you nut on the lampshade? Old Shoot Em' Up, bang type nigga.
  • The Movie American History X. When dude stepped on the back of the black dude head, swear I cringed everytime, but I found a reason to rewind everytime.
  • Dildo wielding women. Aka Lesbians. You fuck a plastic dick for a nut. I love y'all dearly, cool whatever. But seriously. You dont want a man with a stiff dick, but you'll gladly fuck a flacid imitation prick. What the fuck is your malfunction sweetheart? Get it together. Sure, you may have that clit kisser "bullet' thing too. But wholetime.. I'm talking about dildos.
  • Speaking of dildos, why do all the fat women throw the sex toy parties? Like I'm noticing a pattern. Are y'all slowly but surely starting a "fuck a dick, lick a dildo" movement? You being pleasantly plump dont give you the option of going and selling dildos, lotions and shit. This is not Avon. Yeah your girlfriends show up to the parties, but how do you feel about yourself knowing.. "Damn.. I got every toy made, but no man". Hard to use that bottle of "Goodhead" on yourself, aint it? Riiiiiight.
  • The Washington Wizards. I say this again because they are fucking horrible.
  • Foot Lockers 2 for 89.00 sale. Remember when you could get GOOD shoes from them? Like the GREY 554's? Oh fuck nah.. not in 2009. They selling all red ones, and brown joints. HA. Wont catch ME slipping.


  • say whaaat, V?

    lol oh man. i aggree with most of this post Greggie. especially the public bathroom comment, and the mani/pedi malfunction.