All I stuff I DIDNT get to on Monday... I guess..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008
I know people have been paying attention to politics and the videos I've posted the past couple days. Let me first say this. And its going to sound farfetched, and borderline racist. White people need to cut this hating ass shit out. Now granted...I'm still kind of mad some black peoples only reason for wanting Obama in office is because he's black. Meanwhile....what are five reasons to possibly want Mccain? Everything this man campaigns about is stated as a lie. People fail to realize one thing...He's a communist, a fasist, as well as an advocate for bisbanding religious and ethnical believes. I haven't been real vocal about this shit because its not my place to dictate who YOU will vote for. So let me tell you MY reasons to why I'm voting for Obama. First get it out of the way. When I look down my family history in 20, 30 years, when my grandkids are asking me about voting, and if I voted for the first black president, I will not be letting down not only them, but the legacy that I proceed now. Secondly, Obama has had the most closesly watched, and fully structured campaign since I can actually remember Presidential campaigns. Regardless of the dirt trying to be placed in the path, he drives ove it without smugging his own tires. Even though as a senator for his state...I can say this. He looked out for other ones, and made allies with them. Something major as a Senator. Which shows he can communicae efficiently with allies in different country. becayse you see how Bush goes about his shit. Blow em up, or shoot em down. Tactics? Not much. So these are just a FEW reasonw why I say so. Everyday this week, and until the 4th, I'll give you particular reasons, good and bad..and you can set your bar higher or lower.

But...on another weekend. Fantastic. Friday I went out with my twin (same bday), and a host of her friends (now mine). Who said you can't have fun at Hawk, right? Party all night. Drinks were nice (I promise you...I drunk Sprite all night...). I got a couple text messages during it, so if I said anything nasty or borderline offensive...apologies. Thanks Kiera for taking 48 hours to post the rest of the photos too....

I didn't get to see Saw V...but I heard the shit was horrible. How far can you take that movie though? Like Jigsaw died...The crazy white chick...dead. Meanwhile in all these new movies...Jigsaw knew all the new peoples names and all. Maybe I'm reading into it too much...but fuck that.Guess I need to call my bootleg man.

White people...its 51 degrees. A peacoat, flared dress pants and old navy flip flops...and a visor? WHERES THE FUCKING sun at? I thought I came out the house in some wacky shit...but damn. And the crazy thing is....we get a lot of out fashions from y'all and call it our own. So I have a question. Just need someone to answer it. Why don't my favorite white people ever get sick? Shit...if I leave the fan oscelating too close to me in the summer, I end up sneezing and coughing. But y'all... Man. Can were wifebeaters and shorts to shovel snow...sure you turn pig pussy pink...but no symptoms of illness at all. I'm kind of jealous about that. So feel free to elaborate on that please.

Black people...its OFFICALLY scarf season. Thank God. I didn't want to break out all my skarfs like everyone else was doing...rocking theirs with t shirts, no jackets. High five!

Anyway...Saturday...I went back out to the lounge....and I have to say this...I'm still disturbed at the thing I talked about in my status. Never in my days have I seen anyone pass and share a patron shot. Funniest part...they sipped it through a stirrer. Moral of this story: if you poor...drink water, or just stay in the house. Or get a drink in your budget. If malibu & pineapple is all you can afford...stop there. Don't ask for straight Henny. Hate that shit. I know people who go to Open Bar at these nightclubs and think spending 50,100 dollars to be TIPSY is cool. Then you have the people I hang around. Angel, Dee, Jaren, Jose (still a bitch ass nigga, but he categorizes), and whoever else...drinking prior to the club. I personally don't like tipping some bartenders. Unless I'm having a conversation with them, and make friends with them... Tip is minimum. What I need to tip you for when I could just come back there and make my own shit?

Random thought....Seen a pair of clit huggers (lesbians) kissing in route to work this morning. Man. Before I die...I'm going to have intercourse with a female who is a sworn box lover. Then again...I just may have had that in my life... Shhh.

Oh.. Sunday...Vs Steelers. IN there. Next game Vs. Dallas... IN there. Dee...pops said he gotem (Dallas) you going to act? Upper Suite Level...All you can eat. Owwwww

Oh yeah... I'm 4-3 in pool also. (Told you I'd tax that ass, came back won three games straight though. Oww. Rematch needs to happen soon.. Drinks on me. (They know who they are). Dont blame it on the beer this time... "you cant rewind THIS dvd" lmao.