Hard Dick while dancing in the club; Orgasms for women.. Part One

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Well, alrighty. Today isnt a "blog". its more so a question type approach from me to you. Topic is going to be about... Sex. Obviously. Its on my mind today, so Might as well go ahead and speak on it. Just some shit I need to know from both dudes and females.

    Question #1

    Ladies, what's the MOST amount of orgasms a man had "given" you in one sitting. And no, if you finish up, go get cleaned up, and go back at it again a half hour later that doesn't count. I'm talking one session.

    Questions # 2: When dancing in a party/club or whatever do you:

  • A.) Feel a dude's wood

  • A1.) Mind it (perhaps even like it?)

  • A2.) Stop dancing with a guy because of it

  • I've never heard chicks discuss this and I just wanted to know what ladies think about this, seeing as how it has to happen often.

Okay, let me go ahead and explain why I asked. I had a conversation the other day with a female friend of mine about dudes in the club. So I asked her does she get mad when dudes go and get stiff while dancing with her. Of course she said "she uses it as a tool to see how big the dude is.:. I found the shit to be funny because in all my years of partying and dancing, I've seen some shit happen. I remember a lights out house party I went to in the 10th grade like it was yesterday. This is when Sergios and all that were still in their "LAST" year of being trendy. Seen a female freaking the shit out this girl. Phat as all outdoors. And me being the nosey nigger, I'm sitting there looking like i'n supposed to be next in line. Granted the only lights that you could see were cell phones, and the radio the music was coming out of. So midway through watching them dance, I notice... this nigger pants down past his knees. I bust out laughing like "are they seriously fucking?", wholetime the girl still got her jeans on. So end of the party, lights come on, she walking around, and come to find out.... homeboy done nutted all on her jeans. And it didnt help that they were black either. lol. Wanna hear something worse? Found her on facebook a couple days ago. (So if your ready this... lls. Sorry. I'm sure you noticed it when you got home)
And I know in my early teenage years i used to be embarassed for gettin hard so easily ( i still do if she aint got no clothes on... Oww)... i used to think maybe im feenin to much or somethin... i would stop grinding so hard, or look up, or think of something else so that my dick could go down... and between dances i would move my dick over and other things.

few years ago i just thought to myself FUCK IT!... im at my prime... theres nothin wrong wit bein hard... first of all you're young... second of all its allllllll hormones baby! testosterone is a meaaaaaaaan mofucka. it shoulda be a good thing if you get up quick... i aint afraid to admit that.

with that bein said, im not hard for every dance... only if she reaally grindin and in my head i wanna do more then dance....

Nowadays, if you get me hard... Bless your soul, because you are doing a good job. I can dance (ask around) so you gotta put in work for me to rise.... lol... my have i grown up. She'd like it though. lol

Okay.. Answer these questions... this is part one of the post. I'll have part two after the meeting.