SO.. All us men aint shit now? Let me stand up and speak for us.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008
Okay.... This note is in reply to a friend of mine who wrote a note last night. Her note was very grimy. Found it quite funny, but I'll elaborate in my response.


N-gags ain't sh-t. For real. I ain't bitter, no. I'm just not dumb. I got homegirl after homegirl hittin` my jack up tellin` me how dudes do `em greasy. I used to respect the game, but now in the close conclusion of 08, n-ggas is reckless and grimey. Now when I say n-ggas, I am not excluding whites, hispanics, asians, pacific islanders, american indians, or mutts. I mean ALL of you. If you got a stick and two balls attached down there, I'm talking about you. I'm just flat out disgusted with guys. I can't see myself ever getting into a relationship now. I couldn't see myself ever ALLOWING any guy to father MY child or to LOVE me. Especially with reps you guys are establishing for yourself now. I don't even want a son, cause I don't want him to end up like the n-ggas I know [of]. And I feel bad, cause at the same time, I'm conscious of the fact that not ALL n-ggas are like this, but sh-t. I'm trying to tell you, out of 50, there's 1 good one. I'm not even exaggerating. I went through my phone book and reached this conclusion. Guys have their reason for never settling down or getting married cause they're afraid of the exclusive commitment of ONE partner. And so, I refuse to wait around for n-ggas to someday potentially grow up to be MEN and aspire to raise a family just like their own mother and father have done. Now, this note is not targeted to anyone in particular I know, cause that would just be stupid to put up on facebook and I'm not worried about no boy right now. But, I just got through hearing another sob story from my sister. So, I just needed to vent. Feel free to comment. Guys [who I am friends with], I MAY or MAY NOT look at all of you like this, especially cause I'm not attracted to any of my guy friends like that, but I mean there's more guys I don't know then I do know, so I got to look at all as a whole. Plus I'm not JUDGING just putting my outlook out there, you don't have to agree with me, I'm not forcing you! Sorry to clump you with the rest of them.


Okay... My reply to this will be interesting, so I hope you’re ready. First of... you should never go and sub consciously say fuck all men because the ones that you pick arent shit. That’s like me saying fuck all women because of one girl’s mistakes. Sure I've thought it, but never made it something to be noticed. Sounds like someone is pretty bitter. The funny thing is... women have good men come in and out of their lives on the regular, yet feel more compelled to change the BAD ones that won’t leave them alone. Some women let their friend’s decisions and choice of men impact their decision on men being bad for them. I've even asked my lesbian friends, and even they can tell me men aren’t the problem. As stubborn and simple minded as we are, one thing we aren’t is "unable to commit". Men commit to women worthy of the commitment. If you are the type of female that goes around listening to the same friends that probably want to be in your position, instead of the man you lay under, you suffer the consequence of your actions. I hear more about women listening to their girlfriends thoughts on their man, than a dude's male friend’s opinions on their girls.

You need to balance out this shit. So let me do it for you. "ALL" of us, if we aint shit, all races, all creeds, all kinds, then you will have a miserable life. Because if you think that ditching men, to deal with a woman, who will possibly have the same issues and dilemmas as yourself is going to cure your illness... you need to get with the fucking program.

You don’t even want a son though? I need a dosage of the rocks that you snorting. Real talk. If you refuse to wait for a man to grow up, then meet him in growth. How are you going to ask for a man to balance his own maturity when you can’t even maintain your own? Just the response alone was biased I just read. So when a female makes a response such as the one above... I'm happy that the woman to man ratio is 26 to 1. Because one monkey don’t stop no show, real talk. If your conscious is telling you "all men aren’t like this"... then you should know for a fact that a good man can’t be found. Either you’re already with him, or you keep looking past him.

Let me repeat that, because I don’t think you caught that. If you think a good man can’t be found, either your are already with him, or you keep looking past him.

We aren’t the same. We aren’t transparent. What you need to do is take notes. Get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Write down everything you like in a man on the left side. Then, on the right, list everything you liked about your ex boyfriend. Now... with those results... if more than half of the items match up... WELP... you got it... Its YOU that need to do the changes and maybe try something new.

With that said, I agree to disagree with the paragraph you wrote. And if you feel all men aint shit, look at me. I'm prime example of a nice guy finishing last.

PS... Shoutout to that girl yesterday who said I was too funny to be serious. If you only knew sweetheart.


  • ashley

    Me and my best friend BOTH have babies, hers is 2 and mine is 4 months. we both made a kid with a dog ass n*gga. they say hindsight is 20-20. i follow u on twitter and i think you're really really funny, but after reading this, i have to give u props man. i appreciate this post. i'm gonna forward it to my best friend. u just gave me hope. i don't think ALL men ain't shit, but i was starting to be a little bitter. thanks for the wake up...