Fat women with Egos, Part Dos. (Not EGGOS either).. Thonged girl.

Monday, October 6, 2008
*Sigh*... So she deleted me. And blocked me.

I know baby... bitch move.. bitch move

You MAD though sweety? Whats wrong? Told you dont play with my lover like that. First off.. Lets get on you for a minute though. You talking about Lauren London hair. BEEEEEEEEYTCH.. You look like you have 3000 strands of pubic hair in your head. lol. You MUST have a big ass ego sweety.

Baybee you need to slowwwwwwww down. How you take pride in looking like Biz Markie's love child though? *bee bopping voice* Brr a ha ha.. a ha ha.. *r wit r wit owwwwww*

Needless to say this bitch got more sideburns than a little bit. Aint shaved in weeks. Out here looking like a lumberjack. No disrespect.. but come on now sweety. You call yourself a dime though? In what currency? Monopoly Money? Now I'm not saying I pull Lauren Londons all the time.. But ghesh.. Ever part of your life is useless. I hope you get breast cancer and croak in your sleep. I cant stop looking at them two photos of you though. But question... Why the fuck is your underwear tag on the OUTSIDE of your panties though darling? You get two wears out of one pair though? Never knew they made reversible thongs though. New to me. Pussy probably smell like dry onions and Clorox. And that dont mix sweety... At all.

How you feel bout that Mike?

I wonder if that was you that sent that first message a couple months ago too. I'm kind of happy you didnt show up at the bar that day if it was. Because aint no drink made on this hemisphere that would make me sit and have a full fledge conversation with you. Squatting in that photo.. you look like you smell like the after effects of full court basketball. What female YOU know tattoos a babyphat symbol on their thigh though? Phat what? Bitch, your one inhalation away from diabetes.

Now there is a difference between having self-esteem and over-confidence....no one says you can't feel good about yourself...just understand reality....your on the bottom of the totem pole....a last resort(for other dudes, not myself)....one of those "dont tell your boys you fucked her", type of things...Now, as with everything in life, there are exceptions...and I'm sure most of you whale-resembling females will respond with saying that you ARE an exception...ok fine, whatever helps you eat less haagen-dasz ice cream...but just understand what I said. And by now, some of you might be thinking "He's saying that because a fat chick turned him down"....NEGATIVE, never in my life have I even ATTEMPTED to speak or make a sexual gesture to a fat chick...I have a motto.. "ass so phat that you can see it from the front". But thats an ASS. This broad ugly from the neck up, and hideous from the shoulders down.

Man.. Fuck you. Fuck your today tomorrow and the next day. Your mama aint shit, your daddy aint shit, your dog shits on your carpet. and still aint shit. Your cell phones photos come out looking like shit. Your just garbage. Matter fact... you are the opposite of Oww. Bitch you are *NappyRoots voice* "AwwNaww". Go play in traffic somewhere. your a disgrace to mankind. So what you got to say about Lauren London again?

You better check yourself before you reccity reck yourself.

*drops microphone and does the George Jefferson walk off the stage*