The Facebook Honesty Box Bandit is BACK... Part Dos

Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello! Welcome back. I'll make this brief because its friday, and my weekends are precious.
"haven't spoken about you lately since your little blogs have some substance lately...mostly about me simply love it!!! oh and didn't know you felt so strongly about my opinions... love that too..oh and about that drink lol pretty sure we don't go to the same bars or drink the same drinks"

First off... BITCH...You betta recogize me like I look familiar...

See this is the type of bitch I hate. Personally. Now I usually wouldnt do this... bickering with a bitch type thing. But fuck it. Why not. This is yet, the SECOND time this birch canue done tested my patience. I have fairwarned her mother that the next time I see her, I'm spitting directly in her face. And I have perfect aim, so I dont miss. So... Lets get to it.

Mrs. Facebook Honesty Box chick.

Fuck is your malfunction, toots? Obviously I dont know who the fuck you are, but personally, you have no life. Hince you read my blogs expecting something to be said about an anonymous person. But fuck it, hell, why not. I knew something was wrong when I fucked your mother last night. While on top of her, I kept smelling a whiff of canned tuna, so I hopped off her like... "the fuck!? Why your house smell like clam chowder?" And she assured me.. "Oh no, thats just my daughter. See, sometimes she goes 3, maybe 4 days without bathing."

Thats how you rocking baby? Not showering, gettign rid of those bodily odors? Come on... *in my TI voice* "Now why you gotta go and do that love, huh?" I already asked you to come drinking with me, and you denied it. So your back to this honestly box shit. So.. Since we're having a heart to heart.. let me tell you how I feel... honestly.

Honestly, I think you are the dumbest bitch in America. Honestly, your father was a retard for slipping in moist pussy and coming out with you. You should be a stain on a bedsheet right now. Your life is a chalk line. A mystery, a nothing. What type of bitch... pause. What type of.. fuck I cant even think of what to call you. What type of YOU... goes on honesty boxes? You have a crush on me? You seen me sitting on the toilet in my profile photo and just thought about my balls dangling from your porcelin mouth or something? Because you just talking shit, just like that photo, honestly.

Honestly, I hope everything that can possibly happen bad without killing you, happens. I hope you get a yeast infection and it irritates your skin to the point where they have to amputate your legs off. I hope you run in an AIDS marathon and run right into the disease. I hope you get raped by a baby panda bear. I hope you move move to Alaska with Palin. (Well... not the last one, thats kind of harsh. I wouldnt wish that on you).

But real talk... Stay out of my honestly box. This my SECOND time telling you this. Aint no need for a next time. Besides that. I'll close this with a quote from your mother.
Say Ahhh.....

Great. Now tell me how my dick taste. So keep my name out your mouth.

Yaoww. Good evening.