You know... It aint tricking if you got it... right? C'mon now

Friday, October 24, 2008
Okay, I don't know what the fuck it is about facebook that gives people a dose of superpowers, but let me go straight at it. First....niggas. When your browsing people friends lists and shit...check the name. I went to sleep at 115am. Woke up at 805 to 12 new invitations from dudes. That's the new hottness in the streets? Old caped crusader ass niggers. Yes! I have 3000+ friends. So if we have 217 mutual what. Stop trying to add me to 'steal' my friends. It won't help you get more bitches. Develop a strategy. You live in Ohio. What you going to possibly do talking to someone from UMES? Hmm...

Females, I will admit.. I was tricked yesterday. Randomly added someone thinking 'okay, she's normal, taking photos with her friends.'. Clicked she accepted. But lord. Come to find out she was the one all the way in the BACK of the photo. The jaint that looked like Eeyore with heels on. So maybe that's my mistake in taking chances on it. Hmm..

Anyway...last thing I want in my life is a dirty ass friend. I'm sitting there with Ashley watching movies.. And I get a call from somebody. Jose. ' ready for this weekend nigga! Where the bitches gon be at tonight?'

*Click*...Dial tone.

Fuck is this nigga malfunction? Better recognize me like I look familiar. *Obama shoulder dust off*

Women with kids. Do me...GREG a favor. Beat them. Not everyday...but just once a month. Remind them who gave birth to who. See a gangster ass 6-year old ake the sandwich out of his lunch box and toss it on the ground and say 'ugh mommy'. Some gangster shit to me. Almost dapped him up for a second. Funniest part was the reaction of the mother (who was black). 'Pick that shit up and put it in the fucking bag before I whip your ass. Bad ass motherfucker. JUST like your damn daddy.'

Why he gotta be like the daddy though? You got knocked up by him. Now he's the worse nigga on the planet. Like I have a second mind just to ask if the women on my friends list were in LOVE and just went Raw...or if the condom broke. (Music from the Nuva Ring commercial plays in the background). Friend of mine told me 'we always went unprotected, I trusted him, and we had lil man as a result'.

Maybe I'm partial to waiting until I'm 25 to have a child. But accidents happen I guess. Just my personal opinion that women needed more Cabbage Patch Kids as a child. A pet hamster or something. Kids are a lot of work. From what I see. And the last thing I want to be saying in my prime is 'well...I would go out tonight, but I need a babysitter.' YIKES.

....Okay. Everybody do me a favor. Move your head as far as you possibly can it smell down there? Reason why I ask... Wash your ass. Its 9am. Why the fuck your private area smell like you been playing full court basketball in the rain? SOMEBODY on this bus dick or vagina smell like moth balls and mayonaise. Its not hard to wipe front to back. Its even easier to take a wash cloth to your anatomy. Takes one of my pet peeves (besides women with ugly feet).

Its supposed to rain all saturday... Have to come up with a plan. Anybody care to share.

OKAY... Now I have to say this....for Lil' Wayne to be Money Over Bitches...this nigga sure does fall in love with every box he sticks his dick in. She's just a random ass jaint too. Lol. Now granted even I would fuck her blindfolded on a warm day with a rubber & boots on. But still... Nigga invited her on tour and everything. Then had a baby by her. Haha. 'It aint tricking if you got it right?'.

I wonder what the kid going to come out looking like though. Seeing as Wayne looks like Whoopi Goldberg with a mustache, and she aint no Lauren london (wub)...The babay prolly will be gorgeous. I guess its true two ugly people make a cute baby. (Minus Dream and Nivea...crikies). Congratulations Wayne. You've officially made it cool for all rappers to impregnant their groupies. I idolize you.

...Random thoughts. I got a couple calls, texts, and messages regarding my notes on Sunday too. If you feel like I was categorizing you, and talking to you inparticular. I was. And I have no cut cards about it. Don't try to make plans with me THIS weekend. Its Morgan's homecoming. Go THADDAWAY this weekend. Thanks. People who give second chances consistantly deal with failures. I opt out of that.

....Its 2009. PLEASE..I beg you. PLEASE get a phone bill. 'I got 13 minutes left on my phone, I'mma call you sunday after 3.'. Lol. And a boost mobile is NOT a nextel. Know the difference.

...Beyonce... *smh... Thighs is on 100 in the video. But still... Fuck you.

...If you drink ANYTHING this weekend. Drink.... a truth Serum. Sheit will change your life. *head nod*