Like a pair of drawls with holes, I balls out.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Alright, I had some personal shit to attend to yesterday, so I apologize. So we're back. How are you? I’m feeling good, feeling great. Feeling great, feeling good, how are you?

Before I get into it.. I want this watch. I dont care how I get it, but I want it.

First off. My molar on my lower left side is coming is, so my gums are stretching. Worse feeling in the world. Now I like pain, but I don’t want to lose my molars. I'm going to call the dentist and set up an appointment to see if I have to get them pulled or not. Only thing is I don’t wanna end up sounding like Gucci Mane. [Yahhhhhhh]. Wait... Its October 1st already? Damn. (Happy Birthday Lauren & CeCelia. I don’t normally do shoutouts, but fuck it).

Let’s jump right into it. I had a problem with an Ethiopian woman this morning. One thing I hate to see is a bitch with an attitude in the morning. Especially a D-List type bitch. Now, I am NOT Ethiopian, so I don’t know, but I've been told that they hold themselves to a higher class than blacks, and they don’t accept us. If that’s the case, let me be the first to say fuck you. This aint directed at ANYONE, besides the ones I mentioned. So if you have feelings regarding it, aint my fault. SO.... I’m getting on at my stop, and there are a few seats available, but I see one that’s closer. And of course, she's sitting there. So she has her bag in the seat. I say nicely "can I sit here". She huffs, and is like "what?" BITCH... I mean... BIRCH CANUE, you heard me, can I sit here. Don’t "what" me. Fuck is YOUR malfunction? I aint the one. So she just slides it over enough for ONE of my asscheeks to sit in the seat. I look at her and say "so, we're playing games?", and sit on the bag. Fuck you think this is. My name is Greg, not gump. I slap bitches. Fuck that, I partays.

So she slides the bag from up under me, and gets on the phone and obviously cursing me to the person on the phone. So I go right back at it. I'm talking to the dude across from us who was laughing at my approach from earlier. I'm like "this bitch must not understand, I will pull out every piece of urethrian hair that bitch got." He busts out laughing. So she mumbles under her breath "nigger"... WOWWWWWWWWWWWW

The whole bus paused; obviously they heard the shit too. At this point, I'm on the border line of slapping this bitch with a closed fist. How you going to call ME a nigger, whole time your legs closed, and you still smell like fish meat?

But ANYWAY... You know what grinds my gears?

When people fuck words up makes me wish that all of the bad things in life would happen to them, and only them.

Feel free to add words that you hate to see fucked up

Mine :

bish - the FUCK is that? Fuck does that mean?


niqqa ...when the fuck did the letters "G" and "Q" sound the same?

lols/lolz ...what the fuck is plural about laughing out loud ...and you're the only one typing it?

tYpiinq lyk3 dii$ ...what the fuck kind of keyboard do you have?

Hey bitches/niggas ...why the fuck did you go to school when you're not going to utilize the words and shit you've learned?

Anyway...fuck that and you.

Because some rappers do the shit too. Nigger Fab had me spelling Fabolous like is name instead of how it’s really spelled. I was fucked up for years. Getting back English papers like "incorrect word"
Anyway....alright, so im at work right now and each day my irritation grows more and more... the reason for this is because i think i have the worst luck when it comes to using the restrooms here.. Check it out... it seems like every time i go in there to take a piss there is someone in there taking a MASSIVE shit! No matter how many times a day I go or at what time I go, there seems to ALWAYS be someone in there blowing up the stalls.. First of all, I definitely don’t want to smell someone's shit when im going in there to either wash my hands or take a piss... second, its never a quiet shit either... its always the noisy kind where the dude is grunting and you can hear the turds splashing into the toilet bowl below him! ..Normally you wouldn't think much of it but when you start to realize that it happens EVERYDAY, EVERY TIME you go in there, then there's a problem... why do i get the misfortune of hearing and smelling the wastes of others? ..Is this like payback for something I did in my past? Man, im tired of the SHIT, literally... the next time that happens imma be sure to fuck with the person while they are on the toilet losing a few pounds... im going to fuck with them to throw off their focus.. im knocking on the stall door, im pouring water on the toilet paper while they're taking a shit, im messing with the handles... "Excuse me, you ok in there?"... "Need some extra tissue?"... "Asshole on fire?” ..."got the runs?" lol that should cause for some entertainment on my end... just a little payback for torturing me with that horrendous odor...

So today, went to the restroom to take a piss and guess what? YES! A dude was in there taking a shit... i made it a personal vendetta of mine to fuck with the next person that i walked in on taking a shit... so with the empty Gatorade bottle i had, i filled it up with water... i went into the stall next to the one dude was shitting in and poured water all over the toilet paper.. Dude started yelling and shit... it was hilarious... he couldn’t do anything either because he was in mid-shit. Aaahhh man... i love my job.