SAFE SEX! Stop wearing a cape. You cant save everything..

Monday, October 6, 2008
Come on now...Its 2008, we all need to be real with each other. This shit is serious. STD and AIDS is a serious fucking issue, especially in our community. And even people I know are dealing with the shit. So I'll put this shit like this. If you have bodies... TELL your next sex partner. Stop fucking lying. That or get tested. How hard is it?

Yeah I know baby... I hate the way they think too.

I’m anemic, but I refuse to go untested. My doctor hates seeing me when I come in there every six months. "Greg, how many sex partners you have"... I tell her... She’s like "do you use protection", yes. "Well you have nothing to worry about"... Shitttt. Bitches aint even washing they pussy before and after getting dick. Walking around with musky nut scents on their vaginal region. Not a good look sweety. Hince why I don’t do club jaints. As much as I love to dance, and feel ass on my mid and lower region... If you got that shit... Leave me the fuck alone. I still say they should tattoo people's traits on them. So if you’re a liar.... you should have a big ass L on your forearm. If you’re a thief, you should have one finger cut off. Preferably a pinky so it’s noticeable. If you have the monkey, tattoo a banana on your neck or something. Seriously. Shit is getting out of hand. Makes me wonder what girls and people on facebook are walking around, pussy burning like skillets.

And my daughter doesn’t like that.

And dudes, I partially blame you fuckfarts. Because y'all knocking up all the GOOD women, TOO soon. Let them live their young lives. You got them sitting in the house on a Friday night taking care of your 42 chromosomes. I hate you. Like if Lauren London was to get pregnant... I swear.... I'd never have sex again. You pussy snatchers. It’s like the badder the bitch, the more problems. Either they have a twat with teeth (it'll bite ya BACK!), or they are pushing a stroller. Now... sure, there are plenty of women who would be like "i'm ready for kids". Fuck that. You’re lying. Your mother didn’t buy you enough Cabbage Patch Kids. Instead she bought you Barbies. With the ken dolls. And the shit began from there. I remember the first time I saw one of MY parents having sex. Most traumatic experience of my life. I guess that’s why I'm so fucked up to this day.

Moral of this story is... STOP going raw. Dudes stop wifing every bitch you see. Yes she got an ass and an iight face. But does that mean you should knock her up, NO. Oh... And stop believing that shit about sex partners. ASK how many people they've slept with. Dudes... if a girl told you shes only had 3 sex partners, and shes anywhere between 21 and 28, the chick is lying. Women don’t stop fucking on an odd number. Don’t believe it. Multiply that times three... and you get an accurate number. It’s nothing to be ashamed about ladies. If you getting dick, it’s not OUR problem. Of course your ass is going to Planned Parenthood for a blood test, but still, you gotta charge it to the game. Meanwhile, stop faking like you only had three dicks in your 23, 24 years of living. If you look good, you deserve more than that. You'd be better off saying that you’re a virgin than saying "oh nah, I only had three guys, and they all were my boyfriends".

Come on... Fuck I look like, boo boo the fool?

That’s right!

Dudes... I won’t say this to y'all again either. Condoms. Please Lord Jesus... condoms. If the magnum doesn’t fit you... you must give up. No homo, but I and my boys were having a discussion about this shit. Nigga had the nerve to say

"Man I wasn’t all the way right (hard) when I was hitting youngin, and all she had was magnums. I'm not a magnum nigga but I played it off. I just tucked the condom."

lmao. If you don’t know what "tucking" is... that’s when you go and basically "double" the condom. Like layer it so it fits. I've never been guilty of it... but I swear... funniest shit I've ever heard in my life. I have to start my "quotes" section on here. Because I have some lines and things that have been said in my lifetime that could scare any "normal" person. So ladies. Ask your man if he ever "tucked" his condoms before. You'll be surprised.

Random thought of the day. Subway is a cold cut sandwich. You may or may not lose weight. So please... stop going in there... ordering the fattest fucking sub... then getting a diet anything. Fuck is your malfunction? That’s like running on a treadmill while eating a cheeseburger. You’re going nowhere, fast. Fat ass woman. I mean FAT ass, woman.... walks in line before me. I’m sitting there looking down at my blackberry and shit, and I heard her say her order. "Can I have an Italian Herbs and cheese... with lettuce, salt pepper, oil and vinegar, onions, mustard, mayo, and double turkey.”

Birch canue.. You are BIG. Then had the nerve to say "can you cut it in fours?" Fuck for? Joint going down your esophagus soon as you pay for it any damn way. UGH man. I hate that shit.

My pet peeve of the day: People arguing over a Nextel.

Nobody wants to hear your fucking conversation. They invented Bluetooth, AND cell phones for private conversation. I don’t want to hear about you just leaving the court district, and Antonio not able to get the money to the building. You want your business known? Work for wall street. It didn’t make it no better that she was an average hood joint. Braided up, dark skin, frail skinny joint. Prime example... Niggers... wear a rubber. I know... that pussy is tight and moist... but 18 years is a long time. That’s 6,570 days.

Six hundred, five thousand, seventy DAYS. Not hours. And you were only in the pussy 23 minutes. I had mathematics... but that shit dont add up. So strap up. You know?

PS... Tamika... we still beefing... you aint tell me Lauren londaon was in town.

On a lighter note... This one bomb ass tattoo.