Angry Baby Mama Syndrome. (no.. not Lauren London).. Read........

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Figured I'd go head and speak on htis subject. I been real inconsistent lately, dealing with personal shit. *sigh, whoosah*. But im back up. You ever had one of them bad weeks that consistently got bad, then you get one good thing that happened to you, and change the whole thing around? Well, I'm still waiting for that happen. But nevertheless, I have to keep the party going. Anyway a girl sent me a message regarding her boyfriend, baby father... whatever the case may be. Its a lot to read, but you graduated from 12th grade, so I'm sure an extended constructed response isnt too much to read. Trust me.. It took me 30 minutes to really form a response to this.

The Message I recieved:

OMG, I'm so fucking pissed right now. I need to vent. I want these evil thoughts out my head. Wish they were not there but I can't help it. My son's father is fucking ass. He got damn nerve to try to convince me to drop the damn child support by insinuating that we will get back together when he feels I show him enough fucking respect? After he broke up with me he took me to court five months later. But that was cause his fucking mother made him. Not because he wanted to because all he wanted to do was hit the club, and work on his fucking music going nowhere real fast. He didn't want to see his son. No that required to much work. His mother did want to see him though so she started getting on his ass. Then he blamed me for wasting 10,000 dollars on a lawyer? Shit, the only reason there is a child support order is because he fucking took me to court. Like I didn't also have to waste thousands of dollars on damn lawyer too. Oh, I forgot he questions paternity while going to court. Never questioned it before and he never had reason too. He goes 10 months claiming our son and then all of sudden he says oh I don't think its mine? He fucking signed the birth certificate I didn't force him to. He cut the umbilical cord. He wanted him to have his last name. And of course I let him it's his son and I didn't need a fucking DNA test to tell me that. And he asks me to pay the DNA test too. FUCK NO. I never cheated on him. I was 100% faithful. I disrespected him? Are you fucking kidding me? He was the one that cheated on me. While I was taking care of our new born son he's meeting bitches behind the fucking dumpster? Then he fucking lie about it? Like I don't know? Then when I confront him with proof he still lie through his teeth? And I didn't respect you? I spent hundreds of dollars on each one of his birthday. Took him to VA beach each birthday we were together even this last birthday when we weren't. Paid the hotel, paid the food, bought him clothes, paid the gas, everything.

I admit I am not perfect by a long shot but I tried everything to keep his ass happy. And he want to do me like this? Shit I was suppose to wait 6 weeks before having sex with him after having our son. I was cut down there then stitched up. We was having sex a week and a half after having my son. Cause he wanted it. And I did it cause I wanted to keep him satisfied. Can't say the sex was bad either. We had sex everywhere. And I do mean any and everywhere. It didn't matter where or what time. Shit, I'd leave work to meet up with him just cause. He didn't have to ask twice he got everything he wanted in bed. He never complained. Cause it was damn good. Now that I think about it that is probably only thing that went right in our relationship. I fucking went to college full time, worked part-time and took care of our newborn son every night and still studied and did my school work. But he couldn't come get our son because he was too tired to come to my house. Instead I fed our son, put him to bed, and did my work. I woke up during the middle of the night to feed him. He rolled his ass over and went back to sleep. And even when I spent the night at his house I still did all the work. And even then being as tired as I was I still made sure we had sex at least twice a night to keep him satisfied. Now he wants to say these prayers when he sends me text messages. He doesn't even go to church. He went to our sons baptism in April but before then he went ten years without stepping in a church. And he want to preach to me? Hes never even read the bible. How can you preach words you don't even follow.He thinks he is God's gift to women. He cheats on them. Has them believe they are the only one and he has like 5 of them at the same time. Telling them the same things.

Then fucking random bitches hit me up asking about him. Getting mad at me cause he got to pay me child support and he doesn't have money to take them out. He want to talk about respects. He is fucking 26 and still living at home with mama with no plans to leave. And no he doesn't have an excuse. He didn't go to college so he can't use that. He has no reason to still live there. Well maybe most people would stay home to if mommy paid the bills for them (using there $ of course not hers), made everything all right, cooked, clean, etc. Shit when his mother needed to pick up medicine from down the street from his house he couldn't take her because he was too busy working on his music. Her other two kids who still live home and also did not go to college (ages 23 and 25) didn't want to take her either and they all have cars. So she calls me and I drove the 10 miles from my house to pick her up and take cause none of her own kids would. Then I went back home. Thats 20 miles to get her medicine and her all her kids with cars were home but wouldn't take her.I got Kevin, to apply to Lincoln Tech because he wanted to be a mechanic. Then they tell him that he needs to take a math test. He didn't know fucking division and multiplication. He felt so bad he wouldn't get into the school because of that. I spent several nights teaching him the stuff u learn in elementary school so he can pass. And he did.

Then he drops out of school blames it on me being pregnant and tells his entire family that. He did not drop out for that. He dropped out because he was failing all his classes, could write a one page paper on electricity so he stopped going. I kept his secret though and let him say he dropped out because I was pregnant and not because he didn't want to tell his family he was about to flunk out. I helped his ass so much. SO MUCH and he says I didn't respect him? He tries to use things against me. Make it seem if I do what he wants that he will get back with me. I don't want him back. he is worth nothing to me any more. He was just a fucking sperm donor to me now. That's all he could do anyways. Then he gets mad that I refuse to drop the child supports. Calls me a gold digger. That's his son and its his responsibility too. So now hes mad because he has to pay $707.00 dollars a month and the government takes it out his check so he never sees it. So now he says I can't afford to pay my car or my phone. Fuck, that's not my problem anymore. He's not my man and I could careless if his mother kicked him out because he can't pay rent. Fuck him. Fuck all of his family. Here is the evil thinking again. I'm not going to write what I really want to say. It's wrong. I know it. I just can't get these thoughts out of my head. I don't want to physically hurt him and go to jail as much as I want to. I am not crazy. I got mu son to raise. I can honestly say I never hated somebody as much as I hate my son's father right now. I could go on but I would never end. Plus I'm tired. I just really needed to vent. Any advice or comments?? How do I get rid of the negative thoughts.


First off... you need to cut the angry woman syndrome out. If you were comfortable with the niggers issues from the beginning... dont go bashing homeboy now that y'all arent together anymore. DAMN.. thats a lot of shit to read. Christ. I thought I wrote autobiographies, but whoa nelly. If you feel you've done enough for this dude, then you should get him up off his shoulders and make him do for himself. Fuck... I cant even match this one here. But child support though? I dont believe in it. Remember that night you got knocked up? Why all of a a sudden, now that yall arent together, its important to go and go to court? Especially if hes trying to take the kids out and be a father?

Whats wrong with being 26 living at home? Would you rather have a dude thats struggling to pay his own rent with a job at Foot Locker? Or a dude that is saving up his income to buy what he WANTS, instead of a bachelor pad? Seems like reaching for the moon to me. Honestly this is more so a bitter rant and rave to me. Damn, im writing this while reading, and seems like the further I read.. the more shit I learn about him. YOU GOT PREGNANT by an aint shit nigger though? What were YOU thinking? You layed down that night knowing for a fact he was about as useful as a lambskin condom. 707.00 in child support? CHRIST! What the hell type pussy you got making someone pay a whole damn check? But seriously. I dont know how to really go and speak on this subject. This is something that has to be discussed. I have no kids, so I need both women, and dudes to reply...