Sunday, October 19, 2008
Told myself I wouldn’t do this... But yeah... I lied. Let me start off right. If you one of them shiesty motherfuckers that aint answer calls or text all weekends, but decided to call Sunday thinking shit was sweet... I’m telling you now... Get lost. Pretty much stamping this and making it clear. I made a few calls to some folks seeing their agendas and whatnot. Weren’t too busy to change that facebook status... But too busy to answer? Fuego. New news for old fools though. ESPECIALLY the jaints that came in from out of town. lol. All week. "Oh yeah, we definitely have to get up". Told you in Fridays post. Sunday is football, and relaxation. Don’t come at me talking about can we still get up. Nope.

Oh... I realized certain someone I know personally just up and deleted and blocked me off this jaint though. Serious much sweetheart? I thought it was quite childish. You got mad because of what you seen on me and a mutual friend’s wall, so you went, reading our wall conversation. THEN... to top that off... you seen another female name and got hot about it? Come on shawty. We can all do better than that. Make matters worse... you tried to KEEP the one mutual friend I talk to on the regular as a friend so you can keep tabs on what I'm saying. Type shit is THAT? Facebook got you tight knot in the brain sweety. Anyway, hope is all well on your side. Regardless of the shiesty shit you pulled, you’re my friend end of the day. You’re free to unblock me whenever you see fit. Only children play games, and it’s been years since I heard a recess bell. You comprehend? Thumbs up.

Jose. That was some true bitch ass shit you did too son. I'm hot bout that. You SITTING with two females at the bar... and you mad cause I aint bring MORE? Fuck type nigga is you slim? You already basically tried to force fuck Morgan. But now you acting like a skirt because the spot wasn’t up to your standards? THEN... make matters worse... you have us drive to UMD to Thirsty Turtle, thinking me and Jessica were sitting in a long ass line? Lol. Got me fucked up like sex on the ceiling. I can’t even fuck with you no more slim. You’re another nigga cut off like unpaid light bills.

(Adrienne... thanks for taking time to go to the game too. Glad to actually see you for once. lol)

SIGH... What else.

Oh... that bitch ass bartender that was working at the spot across from ESPN Zone. I hope everything negative that could happen in a 24 hour span happen to you. First off... you don’t disrespect no female by throwing money back at her. She helping your fuck ass out. Talking bout "I don’t want that". You were close to getting a glass to the temple. Calling the feds won’t get you saved all the time slim. You probably can’t even see this... But yeah... Amy & Dee know what the situation is.

So... about this weekend... Howard Homecoming. First let’s start with the Fur stories I've heard. Dude friend of mine ended up calling me telling me how he fucked some chick from Fur. Come to find out... homegirl BOYFRIEND was at the spot the same night. Followed them HOME. Sat outside... yes... sat OUTSIDE while his girl got knocked up. When she strolls out... the nigga goes at who? My boy. Slim... Your broad... at clubs... Not only getting drunk... But LEFT her homegirls, to go home with someone else. Pretty much stamped that she aint in the right mindframe when it comes to terms of you. Charge it to the game. if shes a cheater.... he beat her, but you wanna keep her. Mistake you made: Not strangling her ass.

Another Fur incident. Broad in a purple skin tight dress, and silver heels. I wasnt even there and got the text message. *shaking my head*. You THAT drunk, calling UP steps, ass hanging out your apparel? Where was your entourage when you needed them? I WISH I could send the video in. But with my luck... your on my friends list... *sigh*

Slumber Party @ Republic. Literally SIX people came in pajamas though? lol. No further discussion....

Nigga hanging out at the Mcdonalds @ Howard------Come on... I'm coming from WORK... and all I hear is "well fuck you then bitch". Or "You can have whatevaaaaaa youuuuu likeeeee girlllll". Despiration is at an all time high before 2009. First off. It was 53 degrees out that spot Friday night. Not only are you NOT pulling any females... But you're freezing... while stunting. What female you think is taking you seriously posted sitting on the Washington Post Newspaper stand trying to talk to them? How about you take the Job Section out while you sit there, and at least TRY to get on your job though? Bet you'd get taken seriously.

The half dressed females walking the Howard Strip--------- It was cute as shit walking about in them skimpy outfits wasn’t it? How your feet feel? Better yet, how’s that cold? You know you’re anemic. Fuck you outside without a jacket for? The logic babe. The logic. I have some cough drops and cold medicine for your baby. Class this week is going to be a bitch.

Personal "balling" friend of mine... You spent 100.00 to get in love? Son. I HAVE to be you in another life. Sorry I couldn’t be there though. I’m on a budget. Hard out here for a pimp man. Recession got my pockets on decline. Heard there was a surplus of loose booty at Love Saturday though. I was personally out at the Caps game. (Thanks Dee & Amy)

Anyway... won’t make this longer than it already is... But basically if you got brand new over the weekend... or in general. Fuck everything you stand for. That’s how I'm going. Don’t know WHAT it is about the weekend, THIS past one that has people feeling like they can walk on hot coal and not get scorched. I'll continue tomorrow more than likely. Figured people were winding down, so I'd post tonight.

Oh… To the female that called me (You know who you are).. Why the fuck did you EVEN bother calling me? You spent all your money all weekend, then thinking I was paying for a movie with your happy go lucky ass? HA! Somebody must’ve misinformed you. You cant get a MATINEE out of me at this point. Your lucky I aint call Verizon and tell them I aint accepting calls from you. Yeah, be mad that I wrote this too. I’m on some brand new shit. Calling me talking about can you borrow $30.00 cause you only have $10.00 and you wanna get a ticket for Love. Stop living out of your means.

---And dont park in front of Nini's damn house no more either!

--Tracey...You+me= butt naked mud wrestling. You know you wouldn’t fight me. Your heart is softer than Charmin. Let me stop before I start. Just know that yeah... You and Jessica are my favorite Howard personalities. Never met y'all, but it'll happen. (Tell Jessica stop tripping off whatever the situation is too. She has me. Owwww).