Everybody has "options", question is, whos the "priority"? Hmm...

Friday, October 17, 2008
So, I was propositioned by a female to talk to her. Cool, whatever. Granted she's cool, and she stepped up. But wholetime, she has a dude that's in her life that she won't kill off. Obviously either they're fucking, dating, or for some reason dude can't take the hint that she's going to live her life. Granted, she asks how many women I'm talking to, and how many I'm seriously pursuing. And I tell her. So she's like 'Greg, you can't expect me to take you seriously when you talk to a bunch of females".

Beg my pardon, but I feel as me being single, and long as I aint sticking dick in any and everything, I'm doing a damn good job. Starting to think people are more so comfortable with thinking they are the only person.

Fuck that....she HAS a dude she won't stray from. Pause... Not only does she have a dude... But she likes females to. You can't sit there and keep homeboy, and expect me to buy a dream. You got me fucked up like sex on the ceiling. Ye dig? Especially since I know you out here mouf kissing the same sex, wholetime. So she gets in her feelings about it, saying she don't play second to none besides family. *Retarded Eye Movement* Lauren London come before you. My best friend comes before you.

What has people so damn confused these days though thinking they can play the odds game, yet they can be only be the only one? Let me get this clear and understand. I flirt with the best of them. So if you have a man, and you go and extend your hand, I'm going to have respect about it, because I know for a fact, I have the option of keeping my hand in different pots. But people on this facebook shit are real extra. I've noticed it with a few females on my friends list. Yes I talk about sex. The shit is great. I curse excessively, and I have a habit of moving on quick. But there are some women on here that try to challenge that.

Scenario: I'm on my blackberry yesterday, talking to a female I talk to on the regular, about the same subjects I talk to her about on the regular.

-- Sex
-- How her day was
-- Music I'm listening to
-- Weekend Ventures.

Granted the four topics we talking about all could be relative to sex... But in this conversation, it was brought up while speaking on weekend ventures. I asked her what she was getting into; she's saying she's hitting some parties for Howards Homecoming. Cool, whatever. So me, I'm like 'fuck it, you going, I'm going, makes it a match.". She comes out her trapper like 'well, long as you know I got a man, so aint no fucking."

'HOLD ON....Let me change my swaggggggg' (Soulja Boy Voice).

Had brakes pumping off the statement. This the same jaint that sent me late night imagery the day before. Not even on terms of fucking... But until I mention that I want to put dick inside you that night, don't assume. And if I was tripping hard enough, I would've been like 'so you going to try that full split on the dick trick' you were telling me bout?

But I'm not petty. Anyway... Another subject. Niggers...and bitches. Women, boys, men, girls, whatever you want to be called. Its Howards homecoming. But understand this.

IT’S 72 Hours long. Don't change your life regimen off no 'weekend with Diddy'. The man comes EVERY year. Meanwhile, I've seen personalities flip like shit in the past two weeks. Boy called me like 'Ay man, my youngin from NYU is coming up here this weekend.' I told him 'don't get hyped unless you partying with her. Because she won't call you or be bothered until Sunday. I know this from personal experience.'

He didn't understand, so I gave him the rundown. Homecoming is the one weekend out of the fall semester women can go out and act a fucking fool, and have no regrets. They know niggers are going to flock, but it’s not of there concern. So he was like 'well, this my main jaint though, imma spend time.' LIES. So he calls her off the humble like 'You want to spend some time Friday'. Of course she tells him she's hitting parties. He asked her about Saturday... Yet another excuse. So...only day left was Sunday. You know what slim tells him though? *tips off hat*

'Well, maybe Sunday'.

That's French for... 'I aint trying to diss you, but *neyo voice* 'Get up, get out aint thinking about you.

Now he calling me on some 'So where you heading for the weekend.’ I told him my moves. And he's coming too. I have no problem with it. Same time, back of my mind I'm like 'I know some females done that shit to me as well'. Hence why I wrote it.

--Otherwise, Sunday I have two club seats to the Redskins game. Y'all choked last week. *Cough* Cardinals.... But if you wanna go, putting it out there let me know. I'm also going to the Touchdown Club part, free drinks and food. Can't beat that. (Denise...tell em, I don't fake) no wolf tickets.