Should've Put a Ring on it? This madness going to end now.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
First off... if you havent seen the video....

I repeat

Swear it’s already getting worse than the Lil Wayne quotes. Seriously. Grown ass women out here chanting 'should’ve put a ring on it'. Now are you talking about a ring on your finger, or around your damn eye? I find it funny, because just like last week, females were chanting 'I'll buss your windows', now this Beyonce bitch comes along and for some reason, women are empowered. Don't give me that 'oh Greg you’re hating, it’s a good song'. Shawty is bitter. Your favorite rapper pissed me off enough talking about how many bitches he's fucked, or how much Kush he smokes. So this is no different. Real talk.

Any woman that has to tell a man she deserves a ring, aint doing a good enough job. The fucked up part about it, is a married woman is singing the song, telling y'all 'hey....I did it, so it’s acceptable to get a ring'. Beyonce has officially stabbed her career in the heart with record. You already took the Ciara route with the 'I want to be a boy' type songs... But then to continue these ranks for single women, trying to empower them? No fuego.

Now there's going to be women all over the globe seriously going to fashion boutiques, getting themselves a ring, and talking bout 'should’ve put a ring on it'. I'm kind of confused at the fact not only are you single, but you’re telling your ex... Or whoever they are...that they should’ve wifed you when they had a chance. Are you smoking cheeba or something?

Just when all was right in the song flips it right back in the wrong. Men and women were getting along, families were starting, people popping out kids, and feeling good about life. Obama may win the whole nine. Then bam....Beyonce come out 'Go head girl! Get that ring'.

So now it’s going to be dudes thinking its cool to wife the first thing they see. And women are going to start getting platinum e-harmony member accounts, trying to get a ring. My question to you....what makes a woman worth a ring? Better yet, what makes a man decide to go and look for the ring? Remember Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin? These singers had pride in there music. They didn't have to re-remix there music for it to sell. Seems like Beyonce is trying to compete with Keyshia and Rihanna now that they've been caking off Beyonce's success.

It’s already hard to believe that Beyonce is only what, 27? I think that's impossible. Solange is like what, 23, 24. I'm 21, and when I was in middle school, beyonce was at LEAST 19, 20. That was 99. So she lying bout her age too? Possibly. But who you know stays the same age while everybody else getting older?

---'Can you pay my bills'? Because I'm an independent woman. BUT... I wanna 'cater to you'...Why? Cause I'm 'Dangerously in love' with you. Yet... 'Don't think your irreplaceable', in order to 'get me bodied', you gotta 'put a ring on it'. And just maybe she'll be your 'suga mama'.

Swear this woman is confused as hell. What's a woman’s worth anymore? Maybe I'm reading into it too much, and it may just be 'a song'. But as much as women contested songs such as 'Tip drill’ and Bet Uncut type songs....this is like 20 steps back. If women want to be held to a higher standard, they shouldn't have to 'tell' a man the things they should do for them. There are plenty of women out here now doing their job, keeping their man....and doing a damn good job.

So if you 'can find another me in a minute'....why should I even consider pursuit when there's more than one woman willing to compromise and keep her morals and standards.

In conclusion...Beyonce, coming from a grown, mature, gorgeous... Married woman such as you... You could do a whole lot better. Don't be like the women who were 'hot' before you. You see where their careers went. Prime Example: Mary J. Blige

Remember she was all breakup songs, all soap operish? Now I'm not saying go and switch up. But act your age. I expect this out of Keyshia. Fuck that, I expect this out of Blu Cantrell, Jasmine Sullivan, and anyone else that has done a song produced by Ne-yo. But your talent is being wasted. Slowly. You can do better. So in the words of Hov...

You lost


Diamonds and pearls.