I know who I am... But... who are you?

Thursday, October 9, 2008
Okay, dont you hate when people always say "well we need to get to kjnow each other". Then ask you the most redundant fucking questions in the world? Simple dumb shit like "whats your favorite color?". Thats noway to get to know me. I have many people thinking these blogs are just my personality. Trust... you really do not know me. And I'm sure if you did, you'd realize I'm far from average. I've been blogging three weeks strong, and never actually opened up to let you know who I am as a person. So.. without further waiting.

Ahem... Welp, I generally refuse to try and describe myself in less than 10,000 words, but here goes. I enjoy random and useless acts. Im currently in college. Big deal, right. I break sunglasses quick, dont ask why. I usually forget where the remote is the next day, only to find out it was right in the bed with me. (hate that). Im not for sale, but feel free to donate money. I drive, but I dont have a car. Yeah.. Im a metro rider, sue me. I've never been able to whistle for some stranger reason, either. I dont like tomatoes on my burgers, but ill eat Ketchup. (sad case, right?) I fart, burp, sneeze,a nd shit, just like any other human being. Family Guy, CSI, and Martin may be the best shows known to man. I hate the Redskins for being inconsistent year after year, and i hate the Cowboys just because of being rivals to them. I try to see the best in people even when they show me their worst. I make a point to meet people and make them smile. So smile damnit, I aint playing. I make it a point to tell people the first thing that comes to mind, even if it offends them. And yes, I used to sniff glue and stick pennys and m&m's in my nose as a kid. I like fireworks. But I hate gunfire. Im pretty sure aliens and zombies exist. I've had conversations with a few. I'm rude when I wake up in the morning. I dont press snooze, i rip the plug out of the wall. (take that).

If I see a penny heads side up on the ground, I MUST pick it up. Not for good luck, but to keep my bad luck in check. At 21, I think i'm starting to go deaf, attributed to the fact that I MUST listen to my music at the highest decibal I can possibly get it. People that are PC piss me off, your never going to make everyone happy. Im the biggest smartass I know, I don't think it's possible for me to go 2 mins. w/o making a sarcastic remark. I have no patience. I appreciate people trying to help me, but get pissed off when I know I can do it faster... And better. I can't stand people that try to be SO fucking differant, because they think, though they say differantly, that it makes them cool. Someone once told me I was too smart to be a democrat, I told them to kiss my ass. I think Im an excellent dancer... When Im drunk or sober. I make up my own words. And add extras to alot of them.

People tell me Im very mature for someone my age. When I get around my family, I act like a 10 year old. True story. Besides drinking, shopping's my drug of choice. I have an addiction to fitted hats. I wouldnt go back to Africa if you paid me. I eat horribly greasy things, and maintain decent weight.Fast metabolism and excercise does the trick. I am an extremely random person, as if you could not already tell. Random is one of my favorite words. I have the innate ability to confuse the hell out of people and to be frank, I love that about myself. I am likely to name my children based on the fact that it sounds cool in the "name game". I have always wondered that if we really did evolve from monkeys, then why aren't there half monkey women walking around. I have always had the aspiration of moving out west and becoming a gynocologist to the stars. (Kim Kardashian... Oww). Sometimes I wear socks during sex, so i dont slip on the wet carpet. (ooh). Often times, my laundry schedule depends on my supply of clean underwear and socks. I have been known to throw away and buy new stuff rather than having to wash it (dishes and clothes included).

I am dyslexic (ha-ha, I spelled dyslexic right). I play tic-tac-toe by myself, and write my own name just to remind myself of...myself. I don't think there is much of anything that is better than sitting on a front porch during a thunderstorm chilling with your significant other. I am a firm believer in living life to its fullest and never settling for normal! I believe that you are only as happy as you choose to be, and I choose to be happy. With that being said I have almost begun to wonder if there will ever be a female who accepts me the way I am. I will not change for anyone and I don't expect anyone to change for me! There's so much more to me, but Im tired of hearing about myself.

Now, exactly who are you?