Oh My Lord what a weekend...

Monday, September 29, 2008
TODAY is a LONG post. Read slow. its a LOT.

I'mma start off fast. I'm sitting here just thinking about it in route to work. Why in the hell Sarah Palin daughter get pregnant, and it’s like they get PRAISED for it, meanwhile, a couple months back, when they found out that Brittney Spears sister was pregnant, seemed like everyone was catching feelings about the whole situation. Almost like she was convicted. I swear white people get away with more bullshit than a little bit. I love them to death, but some shit just don't fly. I'm sitting here reading the paper, and I find out that Miley Cirus (15) is dating some 20 year old dude. What?!? Man I was 18 and couldn't even date a 17 year old. That's statutory if you have brown skin. And I'm not to jail savvy so I had to 'let her gooooooo' (in Keyshia Cole voice)

So, bout this weekend. We STILL celebrating Dee's birthday.

For the next three weeks, we are getting down .so Friday we hit up Hawk. Man... Joint was packed. Wasn't nothing like last Friday. This was the first time BOTH floors were packed. Shoutout to everybody who came out. Maria, Ashley, Tiara, Morgan, Morgan friend (still stuck right now, sorry), Jose, John, Amy, and Jackie! It was a nice little party. Even though I didn't get zooted, everybody else partied.

"Fuck that...I partays!' (Matt know, they know)

Dee outshined the white girls from GW by dancing on two tables. Picture that. She was zooted. Lol. Then after the party...off to IHOP we go. And man... Funny shit.

-IM NOT ETHIOPIAN @ Maria! Albino ass!

But basically all the ladies got hit on by these two Spanish cats. Offered to buy them drinks and all. So who am I to hate. I found the shit to be hilarious that they were trying to flirt in Spanish. I took four years of the shit in high school, so I have common knowledge of some conjugates. So they flirting, and Ashley (her ass), talking back with then (intro Spanish, how are you, Como estas, convo). So they get their drinks, yet we STILL waiting on our food.

Then...the niggers show up. Laughing and giggling and talking shit about each other. So one dude sees Dee has her shoes off while she's eating, and says the most random shit I heard the whole night. 'Ugh, roaches and rats crawl on these floors!'. GREAT nigger, make me question the cleanliness of my French toast fuckfart.

Random thought: I look damn good today. If I were a female with Lauren London potential, I'd fuck me on my desk, and then quit my job.

But anyway....Saturday. Whew, interesting night to say the least. So I won't say much about it. The people that were there know the whole situation, there's no need to ponder. Just a lot of miscommunications really. It was nice to see both of Dee's friends come out. I was surprised as shit when she said she was married. Lol. Whole time in my head was

'Cause you look so gooooooooodddd, tell me why you wanna work here'.
Lmao. Don't really match the thought, but you know I'm not all there anyway.

After we went to Galaxy (Shout out to Tyrone who never showed up at Galaxy, I called you back too man, no answer, Happy Birthday though), we went to Adams Morgan. Started off at Tom Toms, but between the abundance of white people who popped X Pills (exhibit A: Homeboy in the parking lot asking everybody to rub his back), or the roof leaking, I was ready to try another spot. So we went over to Heaven and Hell. Funny spot, because it reminds me of the dance spot in Fort Lauderdale. Hole in the wall, three floors, and particular bartenders. Ashley and Dee went and got their drink on. My voice was getting raspy as shit from drinking that Truth Serum from earlier. (Dee, I think that’s the drink that did it all. Because Im at work now sounding like Rick Ross. Bawwwwse!) Maria stayed in the cut, because both me and her were hungry as shit, and I was actually craving Ben’s Chilli Bowl just like she was.

Most of the rest of the weekend was exclusive, so if you weren’t there, no reason to explain.
Also, now situations have changed since I’ve been considered a “flirt” (thanks Dee and Ashley), so I gotta make some changes in that aspect. Obviously when you hear it from more than one person the shit must be true. But then again, Millions of people know R.Kelly is guilty, but he’s out here spray painting his hair gold, and walking around with some “good good lemonade.” Fag.

Winter 08 is coming sooner than later, which only means one thing. I get to shop for the summer. I already have my pea coat (last piece of the puzzle I needed). I know I gotta get myself a new pair of jet black jeans. That’s one thing I KNOW I’m missing. Also, I have to rack up on my “pattern pants”. The Valentino’s I saw were like $595, but it was a solid black and white plaid, so I won’t be getting. H&M got some for $60, so I might get with that.

Friend of mine this morning is mad as shit, asking for my advice (female). Basically she’s smart at the mouth, and she said something to her boyfriend along of the lines of “Well see, you keep fucking around, and I’mma be up under someone else”


As a result, she had to pick herself up off the floor. I told her that’s exactly what she gets. You don’t go ahead and talk shit to no man like that. No your fucking place. I’m being devils advocate, I KNOW he was wrong for hitting her. But she has a habit of talking reckless, and she hits him as well. I personally don’t hit women after seeing my share of abusive relationships. But yeah... ATTENTION FELLAS: If you have a good female, treat her right. YET… If you have that bitch that don’t know when to shut her trapper... Jab her. ONE good time. It doesn’t even have to be hard. Just enough to let her know the severity of the next one. If you cant see yourself punching her. Push her out of a moving car or something. Sure, she might do some dumb shit like get her father, or brothers. But fuck that. Hit them too. If you are a good man, and you know it, clap your hands. Meanwhile, some women, regardless if the guy is good or bad… they have a hood rat complex (like my friend), where shes all finger snaps, and eye rolls. Calling you out your name, “fuck your mother, and fuck you” type bitches. THEM… Hit they ass. She should’ve been raised with more respect that that. It starts in the household, so since she wants to act like billy bad ass… hit her father while you’re at it.

So to the females that are like “Oh nah, you better not hit me”… Why not? You want to be petty, why cant he? That’s the main key factor in relationships. ONE person gets out of pocket and changes their character, showing their true colors. So when you get that bitch that wants to run her mouth, gossip, and whatnot… approach her about it. But once she starts doing that burning clothes, cheating and sneaking around... shake that bitch. Slap her with a swift closed fist. Now, ALL women aren’t like this... But ALL of you ladies have that ONE friend that needs that kick in the ass. If I were President... them birch canues could get slapped, and the man wouldn’t be locked up.

Now… you NIGGERS. Dudes. Wholetime if you got a good female... Stop going for these MIXED breed ass bitches. That’s like Jay-Z cheating on Beyonce with Fantasia. Shit just won’t happen. But niggas do this shit. I been there, done that. So dudes, when you get caught cheating… Expect the same courtesy. Ladies... jab that nigga. When he’s wrong, show him. Stop the boo-who tears, calling your girlfriends. Because 9 times out of 10… your girlfriends would fuck your man before he went to cheat with a random. Just like I know there’s some dudes that wouldn’t mind fucking their friends girl. Cause shit… If I was Reggie Bush’s brother... I’d get Reggie Bush drunk off his ass until he pass out, and then I’d go and insert myself in Kim Kardashian. Now THAT’S a bad bitch. Because wholetime, girl that I was talking to in Middle School got G’ed by my boys. And I was on the couch. I wasn’t tripping. I was stunned, but once I saw she couldn’t fuck worth a damn, I gave up hope. Scenario:

I was out on the couch over at Corey house, I wanna say Musonda was there with me (don’t remember). But I fell asleep watching The Box (was still out at the time), and that 112 song with Biggie had JUST came out. So they kept playing it. I dozed off and was on the couch while everybody else was playing N64 (Nintendo 64 for the slowpokes). I think Goldeneye was hot around this time. Therasak and Robbie know about it). So I wake up… I hear moaning. (Felt like T-Pain in the “My Girl got a girlfriend” song). So I go in the room... I see youngin sucking a dick while getting dogged from the back. She tried to jump up like “oh Greg, I aint even know you were woke”... Bitch is you on your meds?

So I gently said “get back to work, I’mma bout to roll”. Wholetime… fist balled up as shit. Feelings were hurt until I walked outside and she come to the door like “I know you aint mad! We aint dating.” Bitch. I wanna high five them for all running a train on your ass. “Get up; get out, aint thinking about you (neyo voice). So funny shit was I seen her a year ago… two kids, acne face, talking about “Hey! It’s been so long”. “Remember me from school? Hell no you get no love looking ass bitch”.
Anyway... that’s enough for the day… tomorrow... I’ll have more to say.


Off topic: This Bobby Valentino- Turn The Page song cranks something FIERCE