Approches & Reactions: AY YO SWEETHEART! COME HERE MA! 09.26

Friday, September 26, 2008
Ay sweetheart! Ay girl with the leggings on, come here girl!

*she mugs on him, continues to walk on*

Well fuck you then bitch, you aint what's hot on the streets noway.

Some shit I seen last night, and I'm kind of curious, do you niggas KNOW how to approach a female anymore? I been living 21 years, and I've seen a girl been called everything from her clothing, to sweetheart, darling, boo, lady, miss, whatever. How bout y'all go head and approach with YOUR name? That way you don't look like a fucking retard by getting her info without disclosing yours?

'Ay, I'm Greg (last name), nice to meet you, what's your name, blah blah.'

Start off on a 100, don't give yourself 0 when you just at the beginning, ye dig? Now, let's speak on these approaches. I had to get that out the way. Females at the bar and club. I party.....fuck that, I partays. Anyone you know that know me will tell you this. When there's a cup in my hand, conversation minimal. Take heed, and leave. I don't bother you when you freaking these random ass hornball niggas, don't bother me while I'm in the cut like neosporin.

On the other hand... Niggas... At the club (couple of y'all my mans and shit, and I told y'all bout this shit *cough* Ho-say... Stop following these bitches in the club. You giving these broads egos and shit. Especially if she a regular jaint. I've seen too many niggas show they have NO standards, by walking up on a jaint that look like the Cryptkeeper. Aint no pussy that good enough to hit shenehneh's twin. No buhlshit. Sure...the pussy is fantastic. And everybody done caught some action from a joint that wasn't a '10'... But she gotta at least be a 7. And an 8 on the weekends. Imagine if she get pregnant. That's forever. Forever ever? Fo-eva eva.

And to you ladies. Bew bew.... Being a regular at a nightclub is cool, but wholetime.... You aint no celebrity. We see you. We saw you. Now we're beyond. Stop sneaking into people VIP rooms trying to grab bottles. You mad cause Plies wasn't there last weekend? Hahahhahahahahaha. Bitch, you That nigga don't want you toots. I'm sorta glad its cold outside now, because all them short ass dresses getting put in the summer pile. You gotta really dress now. Slacks and pants outfits.

I've noticed the amount of relationship changes on facebook too. My status I made on Labor Day correct. *singing 'sick of being lonely' in head*. Guess even LL needed love too.

But....back to this whole shebang about approaches, since I went totally left field. Ladies, a man approach you, tell him you have a man off the top. I'll admit, I was tested before. I SAW the ring on her finger. I was like 'okay.. I'll respect that, but she's gorgeous, fuck that'. So mind you I'm like 'I like your ring, that joint mean. Whens the date?'. She's like 'oh, its open ended, we don't know specifically.....'

What you say? Now mind you, I know the difference between a female who's really ENGAGED, and a girl that's only been a relationship for 8 months, and THINKS she'll marry the dude. So I'm sitting there staring at the ring like 'man...I KNOW I seen this joint somewhere before.' So I'm at Target.... Why the fuck the same ring, silver band, cubic zirconia. She bought it herself. Ha! Women are buying themselves rings in 2008? No fuego.

Its friday, so I got a LOT to say.

1st----Spanish people... I love y'all to death. Don't get mad at me, but seriously though. Send out a PSA and tell your lady friends that just cause you fucked a black dude, your kids won't come out cute. I'm on the bus this morning....why the fuck is the little mixed baby got dreads? Last time I checked, hispanic people had good stringy hair. Why would you fuck your childs hair up. Its already fucked up little Tre' (baby name...scared me too) is like 6 years old, still got a bottle but come on.

2nd- if your car aint equipped for the stereo system... Stop blasting your music. Real talk. Don't blast that young Jeezy cd, and all we hear is bass and every other word. The shit sound like TCB playing at a hearing aid convention. No fuego.

3rd- white women. Ass pads and water bras. Stop. I let Jessica Simpson get away with this shit. But quit. I love to see a white woman with ass (Westley Snipes is my Goddaddy)... But wholetime, if you aint got an ass, don't pretend to be. I've peeped y'all strategy baby.

4th- Why do people get so happy when they hear a rapper say 'dc' or 'gogo' in a song? Seen many-a-nigger wig out off this shit! 'Aww man, you heard Jeezy say 'gogo!'. You'd think you just heard Lauren London (hey bew bew) say she was giving someone name Greg some cutty. Yaowww!

5th-- Facebook status of the week (HAD to share this shit):
'You may have sucked his dick, but you just ate my pussy'

SCENARIO: obviously homeboy cheated on his girl by getting the skull from a random. His girl found out and broadcasting. Still the funniest shit I've heard all week

OH--- Downloads.

Jennifer Hudson Cd

Robin Thicke- Something Else