Attention: If you think your shit dont stink!

Thursday, September 25, 2008
Before I start... Excuse my terminology, and my use of the word "bitches". If you feel im talking about you... It must be relative. This is part one of my rant for the day. Its NOT aimed at anyone, so dont take it like that. Aint no names being called, just a random thought. So once again, if you hate the term bitch., aint my fault after this sentence. Comprende? Fuego.

You know for a long time this has been burning me. But it kinda boiled over today. How is it that females can talk shit about another bitch having a stinkin pussy when there shit stinks as well. Like I make it pretty obvious before i mess with a bitch how i feel about a stinkin pussy. Im on some straight up "you wanna take a shower before we fuck" and on several occasions the bitch be talking shit how her shit is clean and what not. But as proven before its not smelling to good. It doesnt matter the type of chic. It could be the flava of the flavas or the wackest of the saturday night Club Fur jump offs (never had one.. but dont read into it..) WTF is up with that? Dont butches have any shame? Can they not smell their own shit? Some chicks feel most niggas wont care when we actually do... Somebody needs to clue me in. The fuck is up wit that. I make sure my sack isn't funky if I'm gonna get ass. I expect the same courtesy. You out here smelling like you done played at FedEx field on a sunday or something.

Now you might be like... "well she might not know". My mother always told me, if you can whiff your own essense, then you need to bathe. Point blank period. Its gotta be a pride thing i guess, if u tell a female her box stinks, pride is gonna say hell no my shit is clean fuck you nigga,l ol i guess it all depends on how yuu go about telling her, maybe before yall fuck yall both should take a shower , just to get that doubt out of the way. Meanwhile, you know what you came for. You knew if you were going out that night, to bathe. I'm going to start handing out douches and soap in ziplock bags.

I asked a friend of mine, and she said... "Greg, "you think that after you brush your teeth and eat breakfast..your breathe is gonna be fresh? Just think about it like that.. "

FUCK that. Its called common sense no dude gonna expect shorty pussy to smell linen fresh if you just had the only work out session at the gym... but if yall go out to chill which isnt much in activity to get that shit all sweaty it shouldnt be an issue. and not all girls going to need that shower before fucking .. some girls if they take good care of themselves have that pussy that's like it was blessed with fabreeze or at least they bring some freshing shit with them . I KNOW.. I've seen the shit at CVS for 4.99 in the sunday paper.

So she retaliated..."You ever had a girl right after yah have sex... she will put her panties back up and not bother going to the bathroom and clean herself right quick?"

Yeah, I have.. but thats AFTER we hunched. And we both showered before. Aint like we played full court basketball. We bumped uglies by then. HELLO! Pussy aint supposed to smell like Victoria Secret came out with a raccoon scent. So as far as I'm concerned.. If I had to choose between having sex with a clean person, or somebody with bad hygiene..fuck all that ill stay a no pussy gettin nigga then. Cause im not gonna be giving you back shots wondering if and animal died or did you wipe ur ass properly

Norforms + Baby Whipes = progress.

And you know what I say?

Once again, Desperate niggas have ruined it for us.

Women are under this impression, that men will be so anxious to just GET the pussy, that we'll forget ALL about what it looks/smells like.


We have to take a stand. I dont care HOW fly you are or HOW far into it we are, if you're shit dont look or smell right

Anyone who can read this....LETS TAKE A STAND!