Dear Hater. Everyone has one! Feel Free To Read....

Friday, September 12, 2008

You ever had somebody all in your shit on facebook? Like they monitoring your footsteps? Ever had one of your friends on here have some person they dating or talking to try to add you as a friend so they could see what the hype is all about? Matter fact.. what about somebody who writes in... YOUUUUU GUESSED IT.... HONESTY boxes. I sure have.


The funny part... is honestly.. i dont give a shit about the facebook atmosphere... But i figured this should be the topic of discussion. Quite frankly... A lot of sneaky ass people on here are some quote on quote... bitches. And you know whats worse.... a FEMALE thats a bitch. And everybody knows... two bitches on top of each other is...Gay. So.. Let me tell my story. Im on here... doing my daily routine, blogging, chatting with randoms and old friends. Being myself. I personally feel like I shouldn't have enemies. But I get a notification about "1 new honesty box"... So im sitting here like "oh lord..Another anonymous person". Granted I dont get many of the Honesty box things because everybody knows you can say what you want to me up front. Aint no love lost.

So the honesty box message went like this:

------Honesty Box:"You talk alot about sex. You know when people brag it aint always popping. Pretty sure ur shit is wack"

Now.. Pink obviously tells you its a female... blue is a dude. So Im sitting here like "Damn...a female talking bout my dick like that?". My name is Greg, not gump... so i replied with sarcasm, like "Yeah... my shit is wack... im ashamed of myself. I cant stand it!".. Because frankly...I dont know WHO the fuck it is thats admiring me so much. I thought April was the month of fools, but seems like this person failed miserably in Kindergarten, learning the months on the calendar.

So sweetheart, darling, baby girl, toots... Why you have so much dismay in your heart? You wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and grieve your life so much, you hate others on the internet? I hope not. I'm trying to be very civil to you because its not in my heart to be evil about it. I even went, and DELETED honesty box.. so you could approach me and take off the internet mask that protects you. if you dont like me for whatever the reason is, let me know. We can work this out. Did I sleep with your sister in high school? Did i call your mom too late? Wait... Wait... I got it... YOU wanted to know if my sex was what it's hyped up to be! You saw my tongue and thought.. "Damn.. That man is funny, smart.. and got a long tongue.. But DAMN.. I cant type enough keystrokes to get close to him... shit! Let me hate".

Thats not the way you go about life sweetheart. Thats like me actually being MAD at you for giving me the attention... and saying FUCK YOU.. I HOPE YOU GET BREAST CANCER AND DIE IN YOUR SLEEP. But im Greg... I would never be that evil and cruel hearted. So what Im GOING to do... Is go out tonight. I'm going to buy two drinks. I'm personally having a Ciroc and Pineapple. And I'll even buy you one. We'll even go to a spot that has dim lights so we dont have to look each other in the eyes. How does that sound? Good? I know.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this letter I wrote to you. It took me a lot of time to admit my undying love for you. Lets agree to disagree that you've had your ten minutes of fame.


Mr. Aye